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Biotech Day 1


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Biotech Day 1

  1. 1. TODAY IN SCIENCE YOU WILL NEED:  Pencil, Calculator, Log #4 (update)  BioChemical Lab – 3 sheets 6 sides Bookshelf-Please Staple  Chemistry of Living Things Booklet Was due yesterday
  2. 2. Why BioChemistry? Chemistry and biochemistry, its close relative, are often referred to as the central sciences because they unite physics and mathematics, biology and medicine, and the earth and environmental sciences.  By studying chemistry and biochemistry, you open the door for understanding the nature of chemicals and chemical processes, thereby providing insights into a variety of physical and biological phenomena. It also puts you in an excellent
  3. 3. The behavior of atoms, molecules, and ions determines the sort of world we live in, our shapes and sizes, and even how we feel on a given day. Chemists and biochemists that understand these phenomena are very well equipped to tackle problems faced by our modern society. On any given day, they may be measuring the amount of insecticide in drinking water, comparing the protein content of meats, developing a new antibiotic, or analyzing a moon rock. To design a synthetic fiber or even the skin of a space capsule requires a knowledge of chemistry. To understand why an autumn leaf turns red, or why a diamond is hard, or why soap gets us clean, requires, first, a basic
  4. 4. World hunger is a global concern. Every day, many children and adults have little to no food to eat. In an effort to grow stronger and pest resistant food sources, biochemists have genetically altered corn to do just this. However, their research and efforts come with many costs. Two to consider: 1)Financial – time and effort put into development -cost to farmers for buying this seed type 2) Health Concerns – does genetic altering have any detrimental effects to the environment,
  6. 6. Highlight Scientists use experiments to search for cause and effect relationships. In other words, they design an experiment so that changes to one item cause something else to change in a predictable way. These changing variables can be identified as independent, dependent and controlled. We as scientist focus our observations on the dependent variable to see how it responds to the change made to the independent variable.
  7. 7. BIOTECHNOLOGY VIRTUAL LAB Topic: Name Biotech Virtual Class Lab Terminology Period Date ECB -European Corn Borer Yield -Amount of crop production Infestation -Overrun with pests and parasites Independent Variable -Types of Corn & their level of infestation: BT123, Super Harvest –NonBT; BT456; Golden Crop – NonBT Crop
  8. 8. BT Corn - BioTransgenic Corn Growing Conditions for Corn What is being Controlled Soil, moisture, temp, light & nutrition -Soil, nutrients, watering amounts, light, heat, infestation level
  9. 9. Virtual Lab How does the European Corn Borer affect the yeild of corn? Since we know that the ECBs loves to eat corn…what are the farmers afraid of in terms of corn yield? Kernel mass per each ear of corn= “weighing” the total amount of corn kernels produced by one ear of corn.
  10. 10. Hypothesis Based on what you know about the experiment….. If we test four different types of corn under similar conditions and change only the infestation level, then we should be able to determine and give evidence for which corn type will provide the
  11. 11. BIOTECHNOLOGY VIRTUAL LAB COLLECT YOUR DATA ECB Level Mass of 1st ear Mass of 2nd ear Mass of 3rd ear Average (show work)   None           Low         • There are 8 different data collection tests. • Continue until all Data is Collected. Please change
  12. 12. TODAY’S TASK LIST 1) Work with a partner from your table OR individually. 2) Pick up your Assigned Computer. 3)You will be held responsible for its well- being. 4) Ask Clarifying Questions as needed. 5)Begin experiments & collection of data 6) Our Goal is complete 8 tests by the middle of class tomorrow.
  13. 13. HOMEWORK 1)Test #3 Corrections due Friday. 2)We will be working in class on the Virtual Lab tomorrow and we will collaborate our conclusions on Friday. 3)This lab is now due by Monday of next week.