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The e-coop incubator


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A new concept of cooperativism
Something that all citizens have in their mind but never find a way to do it.

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The e-coop incubator

  1. 1. The e-Coop Incubator A new concept of cooperativismSomething that all citizens have in their mind but never find a way to do it
  2. 2. This story was made by LucíaMoratto, 11 years old !!! |º (her signature)
  3. 3. What is an e-Coop Incubator? It´s an economic mechanism supported on web technology for linking together e-cooperatives. An e-cooperative is a “virtual” or “electronic cooperative” that procesess at the speed of light (Gates,2006) the requirements of their associates. Citizens, supported by the Government could be, simultaneously part of one, two, three or more e- cooperatives. The cooperatives lets them be independent, they distribute their earnings between their associates and offers opportunities for every citizen.
  4. 4. It´s a new Age It´s a new age: the e-cooperatives could be formed in 10 minutes, and find jobs thirty minutes later, earn money in the same day and give employment for an unlimited quantity of people. It is not a syndicate, not a company, not a club. Its a way of cooperativism empowered by last generation technology. The associates are all interconnected between them. Could work for their region, state, country or export their knowledge and materials. The e-Coop Incubator is the Head Quarter for making business and letting them earning money continously, as a private company.
  5. 5. Comparisons The private company didn´t show mechanism to revert crisis, think of the economic crack of 1939, 1966 or 2010. Now we are in an economic crisis, in 2012, privates companies try to save each other firing personnel. The Nationalization alone create false employment, taxes pay the salaries of the people employs. The citizes pay the salaries via taxes. The cooperative enterprise is the key for entrepreneurship: every member of a cooperative is free to work in what he knows more, and is part of a group that has something in common: Are Society Oriented.
  6. 6. Millions of Workers and SME arewaiting the e-Coop System
  7. 7. Thank You !!!Sandy GomezLuis OrdoñezEnrico BocciolesiJuan MorattoAnd thanks to Lucia for her collaboration and cooperativism spirit !!!