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Kaylin costa rica


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Kaylin costa rica

  1. 1. Costa RicaBy: Kaylin Dabney
  2. 2. Mapas y Geografía• Where is the countrylocated? Whatcountries, oceans orseas are next to CostaRica?Panama, Nicaragua,Pacific Ocean, CaribbeanSea• Cual es los rios masimportante ?San Juan River & theReventazón• Costa Rica no tieneningun rios
  3. 3. Historia• Costa Rica was inhabited by an estimated 400,000Indians when Columbus explored it in 1502. TheSpanish conquest began in 1524. The region grewslowly and was administered as a Spanishprovince. Costa Rica achieved independence in 1821but was absorbed for two years by Agustín deIturbide in his Mexican empire. It became a republicin 1848. Except for the military dictatorship ofTomás Guardia from 1870 to 1882, Costa Rica hasenjoyed one of the most democratic governments inLatin America.
  4. 4. Tradiciones / Eventos / Fiestas
  5. 5. All Souls DayAll Souls Day (sometimes calledthe "Day of the Dead") is alwaysNovember 2 (November 3rd if the 2ndfalls on a Sunday). All Souls Day isa Roman Catholic day ofremembrance for friends and lovedones who have passed away. Thiscomes from the ancient PaganFestival of the Dead, which celebratedthe Pagan belief that the souls of thedead would return for a meal with thefamily. Candles in the window wouldguide the souls back home, andanother place was set at the table.Children would come through thevillage, asking for food to be offeredsymbolically to the dead, thendonated to feed the hungry
  6. 6. Información Importante• President: Laura Chinchilla (2010)• Land area: 19,560 sq mi (50,660 sq km); total area: 19,730 sq mi(51,100 sq km) size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined• Population (2012 est.): 4,636,348• Capital and largest city (2009 est.): San José, 1,416,• Currency: Colón• Major religion: Roman Catholic
  7. 7. Ciudades
  8. 8. Deportes• Soccer is a majorsports
  9. 9. ¿Quiénes son los personajes másfamosos ?• Oscar AriasSanchez (politico)• Claudia Poll(atletico)• Francisco Zuniga(artista)• Eunice Odio(poeta)(clockwise)
  10. 10. Cual es la comidas typicos?• Casada• Gallo Pinto• Sopa negra