Follow Up Calls Getting Past Gatekeepers


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Follow Up Calls Getting Past Gatekeepers

  1. 1. Strategies for Getting Past Gatekeepers: Connecting with Employers via Phone Gatekeeper Voice Mail Decision Maker Introduction First Message Introduction  Provide your name  Provide your name  Provide your name  Ask for their name  Explain you are following up  Explain you are following up  Tell s/he the decision maker is expecting  Desire to meet  Ask for convenient time to meet  Talk about the impact you could have  Ask funneling questions like, “Do you your call prefer morning or afternoon’s?” “Do you (cost savings, quality of service, etc.)  Simple and straightforward prefer earlier or later in the week?” “Sorry we could not speak, my number is <<Phone Number>>. If I don’t hear from you in a couple of days, I will follow up with another call. Don’t remember, what’s this all about? What is this in regard to? Second Message  “I’m following up on some business  Express interest in learning about their Let the person know your number and convenient communications we had, could you help times to call you back. Let them know you only business. Explain you are interested in me to get on his/her calendar” need a few minutes of their time. supporting companies in their industry and it would be really helpful to learn from an industry leader more about their business needs. S/He’s not available right now. I’m really busy, can we do this on the phone? Third Message  Explain that it is really important that you  I’ll be in your area on <<mention date>>  I’m busy too. I would really appreciate connect. and I will stop by on the off chance you 15-30 minutes where we can meet. I am  Ask when it would be a better time to are available for us to talk. I am really really flexible. We could meet over lunch, or a cup of coffee, it’s up to you… reach him/her. looking forward to meeting with you and  When all else fails, ask to be connected to learning more about your business. voice mail. S/He’s not interested right now. I’m not interested in speaking with you. Final Message  Politely ask why?  I’m really sorry we weren’t able to  Politely: “I’m sorry to hear that, could you tell me why?” connect. Obviously you are very busy right now. I’ll check back with you in a few weeks to find a more convenient time for us to speak. Final Strategy (which may be implemented at any time you feel it is necessary) Keep getting voice mail? Don’t Give Up!!! Block your “caller id” by dialing “#67” before making the call. Call early in the morning, just before lunch, just after lunch. Don’t leave a message and continue to persist until a person picks up the phone when you call. Jim Molloy Organizational Development, Talent Development Professional, and Coach Independent Contractor, Customized Solutions