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Leonardtown CARP

  1. 1. Animation Technology asa Supplement to Reading Instruction Leonardtown Elementary Emily Davis & Jessica Morgan
  2. 2. JustificationLeonardtown did not make AYP last year As a result, SIP is almost singularly focused on improving amount of students reading at proficient or advanced by county benchmark and by DIEBELS Students in 3rd grade received lower than proficient scores in identifying and defining: Setting and mood (38%) Words, lines, and stanzas(56%) Main ideas and themes (57%)
  3. 3. JustificationProfessional Development Goal: “Teachers will usethese best practices to change instruction if necessaryafter reviewing student work samples” Differentiation Learning stylesAnimation Technology Technology allows students to experience different types of writings while still remaining in their digital comfort zones Supplements culturally relevant teaching Incorporation of these tools and applications is merely a natural extension of the way these students are currently living and learning outside of that classroom
  4. 4. StrategyInterns will use pre and post tests to assess students’comprehension during whole group reading. First test will be a simple reading comprehensionassessment. Second test will follow a mini-lessonusing cartoon technology as a supplement to usualinstruction and include sequencing question usingpictures from supplement.
  5. 5. Research questionsDoes sequencing of cartoon technologyincrease student content comprehension.Does cartoon technology increase studentreading comprehension more thendiscussion.
  6. 6. Data collection plan Data source 1 Data source 2 Data source 3Does cartoon Pre-test and Pre-test and N/Atechnology increase Post-test Post-test withstudent reading cartoon imagescomprehension morethen discussion.
  7. 7. Pre-post assessment itemsFirst pre- and post-test for Grandma’s Records
  8. 8. Pre-post findingsOur findings! There was a significant increase from Grandma’s Records (p = 1.45346E-08 ) and talking cloth (p = 6.06992E-06). However, there was not a significantly higher increase in the difference in reading comprehension when using cartoon technology rather than traditional classroom strategies. (p = .38)
  9. 9. Answers to research questionsDoes cartoon technology increase student readingcomprehension more then discussion.
  10. 10. LimitationsTiming The cartoon handout was done the Thursday before the Halloween weekend, so the school as a whole was off task.Curriculum Demands Due to passing guides and test schedules, activities such as these are difficult to work into the classes tight schedule.
  11. 11. Next steps?Yes, we would recommend future application of thisstrategy; however, there are a few things that we wouldlike to change Next time I would have the students create their own cartoon strip of the story. Also, due to lack of resources the cartoon had to be printed out in black and white. It would have been more exciting to have it in color as it was created. Under what conditions? For what kinds of students? What would you change? Keep?
  12. 12. Back to the big pictureGiven the problem you laid out originally and theresults of this action research project, what is yourbig final take-home message?