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ABC Network Digital Strategy


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Course: Digital Strategies, Fall 2012
Instructors: Frank Marquardt (The Barbarian Group), Matthew Scott (West)

The Challenge: TV audiences are choosing not to watch shows during original air times. Create a holistic digital strategy that will drive appointment viewing and encourage overall greater loyalty to ABC’s hit properties.

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ABC Network Digital Strategy

  1. 1. ABC Networkdigital strategyJess MOnack
  2. 2. agenda 1. Challenge2. Traditional TV Landscape & Competitors3. ABC’s Role in TV Landscape4. Shift in Landscape & New Players5. Opportunity6. Audience7. Insight8. Solution & Positioning9. Creative Thought Starter10. Supporting Touch Points“If it weren’t for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television,we’d still be eating radio dinners.” -Johnny Carson
  3. 3. OUR CHALLENGETV audiences are choosing not to watchshows during original air times.We Need to create a holistic digitalstrategy that will drive appointmentviewing and encourage Overall greaterloyaLTY to ABC’s hit properties.
  4. 4. Traditional TV LAndscapeFewer screensto choose fromHandful ofmajor networksMissing yourfavorite showmeant being outof the loop atthe watercooler.Imagine: No DVRs!
  5. 5. Make ‘Em Laugh Tried & TrueFamily GuyAmerican DadCleveland ShowThe SimpsonsNew GirlMindy ProjectAmerican Idolthe officeParks & Rec30 RockCommunityGo OnLate Night ShowsLaw & Order{{“Traditional” competitors
  6. 6. ABC as a brandRarely reprise old showsregularly attract cult followingscommited to content that is original & differentInnovative, Current, Modern
  7. 7. ABC & Tech1st to develop & incorporate an interactive ipad app
  8. 8. ABC has been a pioneer of contemporarycontent and delivery.
  9. 9. Shift in the landscapeTHe Power of Choice
  10. 10. Shift in the landscapeRedefining “Remote Control”Miso ToutVIGGLE
  11. 11. “WE used to have the few people in your livingroom that you were having a sharedconversation with about what you werewatching, it’s now exploded beyond the boundsof the living room and it’s the world that’shaving a conversation about what we’re allwatching.”-Dick Costolo, CEO TwitterShift in the landscapeMoving forward
  12. 12. OpportunitySecond Screen86% of peopleare using one of theirother devices Whilewatching television.We can reach ouraudience in more waysand on more screensthan ever before.
  13. 13. Over-index for review siteslike rotten tomatoes &yelp: see value in takingthe time to writereviews & share theirexperiences with others.our audienceconnoisseurs of televisionMillennials 18-24define self through mediapop culture expertgoogle = external brainSocial MEdia Fiendeverything in real timeexcepttelevision
  14. 14. “I would be less into a showif someone took away all mysocial media, because youwouldn’t have somebody else toshare that with and get theminvolved...” (Ad Age)our audienceconnoisseurs of television
  15. 15. InsightWatching Television isinherently social: the bestpart about watching shows ishaving conversations aboutthem with other people.
  16. 16. InsightConvo Opinion Critique Curation
  17. 17. Think: abc delivers the most currentcontent in the most innovative ways.Do: Engage with shows and each otherduring original air times.Feel: more than just caught up on ashow, they’re the experts on it.Strategy GoalsWhat do we want to encourage?
  18. 18. ABC’s entertainmentexperience promotespersonalized curationthrough sharing.What We’re Communicating
  19. 19. The only way to be a true aBC Criticis to be the first to watch.How We’ll communicate ita community of connoisseurswe need to create a platform where people’sreviews, comments, and related posts can existand are up for discussion only during originalairtimes and for a limited perioddirectly following.
  20. 20. CurationPlatformTwittertumblrFacebookSupporting Touch PointsWhere will it live?
  21. 21. THANK YOU!
  22. 22. Sourcestraditional competitors:shift in landscape:new competitors:abc brand:Shift in Landscape Quotes:
  23. 23. ipad app:second screen:audience:insight: