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Direct Purposefeul Experiences


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Published in: Education
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Direct Purposefeul Experiences

  2. 2. “From the rich experiences that our senses bring, weconstruct the ideas, the concepts, the generalizations thatgive meaning and order to our lives.”
  3. 3. “The meanings ofnegative discrimination index and positive discrimination indexbecame crystal clear tome when we did an item analysis of our test items” – Grade IV teacher
  4. 4. “My husband and children used to do computer job for me which made me totallydependent on them. The problem was they were not always around tohelp me with my reports, lecture notes, etc.
  5. 5. To redeem myself frommy helplessness, I forced to learn, first of all encoding, then sending e-mail and surfing the internet. What encourage me was my seven year old grand daughter could do
  6. 6. what I was not capable of doing. Now I feel liberated. I can encode and print my lectures, send emails, surf theInternet, do PowerPoint lecture presentations, even when no one is around to help
  7. 7. only after I had to dothese things myself.” – Graduate School Professor
  8. 8. “My boss assigned me to put the transparencieson the plate of overhead projector while he delivered his lecture onstage. It turned out that the first transparency was not positionedupright for the audience.
  9. 9. I repositioned thetransparencies but still it was inverted. I felt nervous and the womanin the audience who was seated nearby came to rescue. I have never forgotten that experience,
  10. 10. but having been assigned the task repeatedly, Ican say I am now expertat that OHP.” – Secretary to the Dean
  11. 11. “It was only when I went to Manila zoo that I learned that a giraffe isthat tall and an elephant is that big.” – Grade IV pupil
  12. 12.  Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Narrator 3 Narrator 4
  14. 14.  Any principle you learned from the Principles of Teaching that connects to learning by direct experiences? Explain? Why it is connected?
  15. 15.  Our lack of understanding is often due to our lack of attention. Our lack of attention is due to a failure in the use of our senses. Connect this to the firsthand or sensory experiences.
  16. 16.  Emerson wrote: Seven men went through a field, one after another. One was a farmer, he saw only the grass; thenext was an astronomer, he saw the horizon and stars; the physician noticed the standing water and suspected miasma;
  17. 17. he was followed by a soldier, who glanced overthe ground, found it is easy to hold, and saw in the moment how the troops could be disposed; then came the geologist, who noticed the boulders andsandy loam; after him came the real state broker,
  18. 18. who bethought him how the line of the house lotsshould run, where would be the driveway, and the stables. The poet admired the shadows cast by some tress, and still more themusic of some thrushes and meadow lark.
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