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The application of shell scenario planning...


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The Application of Shell Scenario Planning and the Creation of a New Business
-Steven Shook & Julia Masters

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The application of shell scenario planning...

  1. 1. The Shell Scenario• Was the first model of business performance, planning and forecasting in written form• Was productive for Shell Oil and the Oil Industry• Was adapted and implemented in other business industries• Helped revolutionize business structure
  2. 2. Shell Strategies & PlansHow to Identify Performance Threats & Opportunities• Analyze and forecast possible positive and negative situations• Information Technology can help with the implementation of future short and long term goals
  3. 3. Shell Strategies & Plans• Incorporating environmental and political concerns help move the company in a positive direction• Hiring creative minds will help expand the planning and organizing of specific businesses
  4. 4. Shell Strategies & Plans• Set specific short and long term goals• Set a clear and concise budget
  5. 5. Shell Business Scenario• To properly implement the Shell Business Scenario, all strategies and plans need to be meshed together• The Shell Business Scenario will assist with continuing fruitful businesses and showing the need of a new direction to troubled ones