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Ict Spotternetwork


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Ict Spotternetwork

  1. 1. An introduction to the Spotter Network application and how to install it
  2. 2. What does it do?? Reports GIS positioning utilizing several different type of devices. Combines GPS, APRS and manual location reporting into one database Can be loaded into various radar products to show where spotters are located.
  3. 3. What does mean for us?? Enables Net Controllers to see exactly where spotters are located. Reduces the need for Net Controllers to poll the net to see who is active and at what location Adds a measure of safety to the spotters, as they can be warned if they are in imminent danger of an approaching threat
  4. 4. How does it work? A placefile is loaded into a GRLevel radar program . This file will place icons on the location of participating Skywarn members
  5. 5. Why would we use it? This will allow our Net Controllers and the National Weather Service know exactly where a report came from!!
  6. 6. Street Level Mapping! When you zoom in on a map it will show what street they are on. In the bottom left corner of GRLevel2, you can even see an approximate address when you mouse over the street.
  7. 7. How to get started! Click Register for new members Click Login for existing members
  8. 8. Register with your Ham Call sign If you do not have your Ham License, use your first initial and last name
  9. 9. Fill out your contact info
  10. 10. No APRS or GPS? No problem! Just go to and enter your address. It will give your exact Lat/Lon location Click Position Settings
  11. 11. GPS users Click Download Client Install and follow the instructions. Make sure your GPS is hooked up and click ‘connect’. Then click the “inactive” and it will turn to a green active. It will automatically submit your position. Do not use the Submit report from this program.
  12. 12. APRS users Click Position Settings Scroll down and you will find the APRS Section
  13. 13. Now become a group Member! Click on Member Networks Scroll Down Until you find The Wichita Group Now click on the red X next to the Wichita Skywarn Group to join
  14. 14. GRLevel Howto Select “windows” and then the Placefile Manager Click on the Yellow Folder Type in the Wichita Group Placefile that is found on the Spotter Network group page
  15. 15. GRLevel Howto (continuned) Make sure that the full Spotter Network is unchecked. Also only check the left box for the specific network placefile. This will put the icons over the radar layer
  16. 16. GRLevel Howto (continuned) Now you are all set up to only View the Wichita Skywarn Spotter Network group!
  17. 17. Remember to stay safe!! Thank you for watching. Email [email_address] if you have any questions