BTNgroup Technology Day Amsterdam 2013


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BTNgroup Technology Day Amsterdam 2013,
Session 1 End to End Solutions

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BTNgroup Technology Day Amsterdam 2013

  1. 1. Does The Means Justify The End-to-End Solution? “Or, assessing the value of integrating everything versus not doing so, looking at the benefits and costs of such integration. “ Our Expert Witness : Mark Avery Global Business Services & Travel Leader PwC Peter Sijbers Senior Sourcing Specialist Philips Your moderator : Jean-Michel Kadaner CEO Key Corporate Solutions
  2. 2. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY Quotes : “Travel Management has grown with leaps and bounds. It has grown from a struggling infant to a fully automated system capable of providing all your travel and travel payment needs.” TM Director Largest Government Agency “Constant changes in the travel industry and customer needs have shown the “one size fits all” approach no longer applies to travel management. With the ever-growing technological services and the complexity of choosing the right one, travel knowledge and expertise have become invaluable.” CPO Multinational Company “Is the holy grail of end-to-end, the long-sought-after "ultimate" approach in the evolution of travel management, passé?” Executive Large TMC Corporate booking tools will prosper in a few key segments: Companies with procurement-trumps-travelersatisfaction cultures, and those with high volumes of premium or complex travel. Adapting means tight integration with expense reporting and budget management tools. Travel Management Guru "The next two or three years are really going to be focused on integration methodologies," "Everything, from the booking process through the inflight process, is going to be much more synchronized. It's going to be a ballet, rather than a combination of different dances, different venues, different eras—as it is today. Today, we're the clumsy high schooler asking the girl to the dance.“ CEO Large Travel Tech Firm
  3. 3. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY Quotes (Bis) : “I do not think corporate Booking tool will survive ... They will have to morph to corporate duty of care and safety and security tool or will be acquired by TMC or OTA (or die). Their current market is too small to enable them to survive. More, they will be completely disrupted by multimodal search engines” Another Travel Tech Guru “While the travel and expense industry has made strides in easing the management and reporting of expenses while collecting valuable data, many corporations still are not taking full advantage of technological advances. About 29 percent of 216 "decision-makers around the world with responsibility for expense management" surveyed between January and March by Forrester Research use Excel spreadsheets to manage expenses, according to a report commissioned by American Express and released in June. Only the use of an expense module of enterprise resource planning software (32 percent) was a more popular expense management option among the survey's respondents.” Report originally appeared in the August 2013 edition of Travel Procurement Am I playing the devil’s Advocate ?
  4. 4. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY Paradox of the Modern Media.. Rate how important each of the following attributes of your travel programme will be to your company in 2017: Versus Today More Important • End-to-end solutions (booking to expense) • Data consolidation and reporting • SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) accessibility • Safety and security/risk management • Cost savings/optimisation of travel spend • Programme consolidation/globalisation • Strategic meetings management • Policy compliance • Traveller choice of travel options Source Acte-Radius Study October 24th 2013 = Equally Important Less Important 65.0% 35.0% 0.0% 59.7% 39.6% 0.7% 59.6% 36.5% 3.9% 53.4% 45.9% 0.7% 53.0% 45.9% 1.1% 49.6% 46.5% 3.9% 49.1% 48.4% 2.5% 46.8% 52.1% 1.1% 34.3% 53.7% 12.0%
  5. 5. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY T&E Market Key influencer’s Respondents assessed the influence of multiple third parties on their travel programmes today and then predicted whether each supplier’s influence would grow, diminish or remain stable by 2017. The third parties included: The responses indicate: • The majority of buyers expect all existing thirdparty solution providers but one to have the same influence in 2017 as today. • The exception is travel technology companies, which the majority (51 per cent) think will be more influential than today. Source Acte-Radius Study October 24th 2013
  6. 6. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY The pro’s* PAIN / CONCERN BUSINESS BENEFITS TRAVEL MANAGER BENEFITS USER BENEFITS Complicated booking processes Streamlined processes Simplicity and autonomy Simplicity and autonomy Lack of information 24/7 access to booking information through online tools 24/7 booking through online tools Expensive booking fees High supplier fees 24/7 access to reporting information through online tools Reduced agency fees Improved supplier negotiations Reduced agency fees Improved supplier negotiations Reduced agency fees Lack of time Reduced processing time Reduced processing time Reduced processing time Cash-flow Improved cash-flow management Internal stakeholder satisfaction Faster repayment Lack of compliance/compliance measurement Increased compliance with company policies Increased compliance with company policies Not so sure….. Lack of visibility into spend Intelligent reporting Intelligent reporting Intelligent reporting/tracing Keeping business costs down Cost-savings Cost-savings Company benefits * Partly courtesy of Concur
  7. 7. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY The con’s PAIN / CONCERN BUSINESS EXPECTATION TRAVEL MANAGER EXPECTATION USER EXPECTATION One tool good in all area’s Simplify choices and target model Less than 18 Months Streamline costs and support requirements Less than 18 months Simplicity and autonomy Maximum standardization Rapidity of integration Minimalistic on the pricing/functionalities ratio Maximum protection Time to market of key market changes Mobility and nomadism in the largest sense Simplicity and extended offering Maximum protection Proven ROI Adaptability to changing market conditions and legal constraints Product evolutions and price changes Data Security/data protection Maximum protection 24/7 Availability System Support & Management KPI, Strong SLA,Penalties, resources efficiency DRP & BC (Disaster Recovery Robust, backed-up and Plan & Business continuity) tested LPC & HPS (Lowest Possible Cost & Highest Possible Service) 24/7 Availability Increased compliance with company policies Reliability Training Efficiency On line & E-learning & as simple as a computer game Simplifying controls, reporting and improving analytics capabilities Intuitive Keeping business costs down As low as possible for new entrants and occasional users Indirect costs (End to End Cost of managing T&E) below 8 % of spend And Scalabillity, Portability, Reversability…. Productivity gains
  8. 8. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY Expert N° 1 Peter Sijbers Facts & Figures : • Eur. 264 Mio annual Travel Spend, plus mice expected to be around 350 Mio on an annual basis.. • Two main SBT/OBT/CBT in place Gethere & Traveldoo • One main Expense Tool Concur • One card system in place American Express • A centrally managed program covering 45 markets globally with one TMC American Express • A mature program that is managed at low unit cost; 1 global lead – 2 commodity specialists and 1 shared service support • Holds responsibility for setting global policies & procedures with a high level of standardization • Has implemented E-catalogues/ordering for travel related purchases with “best in class” adoption levels Managed Travel (current)Goals: • Deliver significant savings • Achieve high travel policy compliance • Standardize travel processes Managed Travel (future) Goals: • Ensure travel done safely within budget • Get relevant data • Maximize traveler freedom and productivity
  9. 9. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY Expert N° 2 Mark Avery Facts & Figures : • $800M annual travel Spend, plus MICE spend of around $250M per annum • Largest professional services firm in the world • Partnership culture, a «Network » of firms • Currently a mixture of suppliers dependent on market (SBT/OBT include Reardon, KDS, AETM, SERCO, Concur etc) • Various finance and expense systems • One global corporate card system, Amex 83,000 cards • Mixture of regional and territory managed programmes across the world. UK/Middle East combined • Variable maturity of travel programmes, some territories achieving >90% compliance to booking channels for Air and Hotel booking Managed Travel (current)Goals: • Focus on traveller experience and end to end approach using multiple tools and services. • Making it so easy to do business with us rather than just being policy centric Managed Travel (future) Goals: • Creating a culture of why would you want to do anything else? • Becoming a different type of buyer in order to drive the greatest value for the PwC traveller • Making the end to end process available on all preferred devices to maximise traveller time and productivity • Big data capture across the globe
  10. 10. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY Tag Cloud of our questions to you both..
  12. 12. BUSINESS TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY DAY Thank You for your participation