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Google Docs Integration ECOO presentation


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When integrating tech in the classroom I think we need to further our questioning when thinking about purpose. We need to ask ourselves a whole list of questions. I presented these at ECCO last year in my presentation about Google Docs. When thinking about integrating any tech, ask yourself:
How will the technology support...
media literacy?
digital citizenship?
social learning and communication?
critical thinking?
differentiation for learners who learn best textually, auditorily, kinesthetically?
assessment and marking (teacher, self, and peer)?

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Google Docs Integration ECOO presentation

  1. 1. Getting  the   most   out  of  Goog le   Docs   Jane  Mitchin son-­‐Schwar tz  
  2. 2. Going  wireless…  
  3. 3. Please  sign  in  to  your  Google  Docs  account…     Type  in  the  url  for  a  live  document  on  Google  Docs   publishing:   Feel  free  to  ask  questions  in  the  comment  stream  
  4. 4. You  probably  already  know  that…  0  Google  Docs  saves  automatically  0  There’s  no  need  for  a  USB  memory  stick  0  Students  have  their  notes  accessible  to  them  anytime   and  anyplace  where  there’s  Internet  access  –wired,   wireless  or  mobility  network  
  5. 5. But  did  you  know  that…   0  You  can  upload  and  edit  PDF  Oiles     0  You  can  upload  and  convert  Word  Doc,  Powerpoint,   and  Excel  Oiles  for  editing      
  6. 6. Google  Docs    eliminates  the  problem  of  different  document  versions    
  7. 7. Collaboration  0  Edit  in  real  time  with  multiple  users  0  Chat  or  comment  to  work  out  a  plan  on  group  roles/tasks  (promotes  critical  thinking)  
  8. 8. Anytime,  Anywhere  Ill  student  shows  up  online  from  home  to  enquire  about  a  special  effect  in  their  video  
  9. 9. Social  Learning  &  Communication  0  Anonymous  chat  versus  posting  comments  by  name  
  10. 10. Transparency  and   Accountability  0  Time  and  date  stamped  0  Revision  history  records  user  edits  by  colour  0  Doc  is  immediately  highlighted  in  the  Docs  list  and   moves  up  in  the  home  list  when  a  collaborator  makes   an  edit  or  comment  (can  choose  to  email  notiOication   to  members  as  well)  
  11. 11. Deepen  Assessment  0  Can  tell  what  roles   each  member   plays  (big  ideas   person,  synthesis   and  summary,  off-­‐ task)  
  12. 12. 0  Track  progression  of  developmental  thinking  through   the  assignment  with  revision  history    
  13. 13. 0  Evidence  of  critical  thinking  can  be  found  in  the   comments  stream  
  14. 14. Constructive  Peer  Feedback  -­‐Check  the  ability  of  students  to    work  together  -­‐Give  shy  students  a  voice  
  15. 15. Ease  of  marking   0  And…it’s  even  easier  if  you  have  editing  access.  You   can  correct,  highlight,  strike  through,  and  select  exact   words/phrases  to  comment  back  to  students