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Offkey final ppt_2010 [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. 6/26/2010 SPONSORED BY: Welcome! Changing lives by empowering women & families – it’s what we re we’re about and what we intend to do. Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver ROCK STAR SPONSOR b th d i Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver 1
  2. 2. 6/26/2010 The YWCA of Greater Portland has been defining safety, Three Stages of opportunity and pp y Empowerment independence for over 100 years… Safety: Opportunity: 1. state of being safe; freedom from injury or 1. an appropriate or favorable time or occasion. danger. 2. quality of insuring against hurt, injury, danger, 2. LearnLinks tutoring & mentoring for youth or risk. struggling to succeed in school. 3. 3 YWCA Yolanda House Domestic Violence Y l d H D ti Vi l 3. skill-building with women in transition. Shelter. 4. shelter for women in transition from 4. camp scholarships for low-income homelessness or incarceration. children. Independence: 1. the state of quality of being independent. 2. freedom from subjection, or from influence of others. 3. 3 seniors aging with dignity in their own homes. Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver 4. women with employment & safe & secure housing. 2
  3. 3. 6/26/2010 LABEL EXECUTIVE SPONSOR Offkey Drawing Enter into the Offkey drawing for $5 to win designer bags, jewelry, spa retreats, & more! Tickets available on the 2nd & 4th floor, and from the people wearing orange leis! PRODUCER SPONSOR Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver Offkey Wine Wall Check out the wine wall on the 2nd floor. For $20, you could take home a $150 bottle of wine. wine Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver 3
  4. 4. 6/26/2010 ENTOURAGE SPONSORS Thirsty? Four bars are open. Enjoy beer, wine, cocktails, and non- alcoholic beverages. All bar proceeds and tips benefit the YWCA of Greater Portland. ENTOURAGE SPONSORS Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver The YWCA provides support Domestic Violence Services through various programs in four key integrated service Yolanda House: A secure, confidential, homelike shelter areas: Domestic Violence and 24-hour crisis line providing Services, Services Transitional advocacy, abuse education, and Services, Youth Services, & other resources to help rebuild Senior Services. safe, independent lives. 4
  5. 5. 6/26/2010 GROUPIE SPONSORS Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver Eric J. Winn DRINK SPONSORS Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver DRINK SPONSORS DRINK SPONSORS 5
  6. 6. 6/26/2010 FOOD SPONSORS Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver Transitional Services Transitional Services Transitional Opportunities Transitional Housing: Helps Project: Empowers women in j p women and families with transition from incarceration to subsidized housing. build stable, healthy lives. Transitional Services Energy Assistance: Provides emergency utility p y g y y payments to those in need. Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver 6
  7. 7. 6/26/2010 Youth Services Youth Services LearnLinks: Helps economically Camp Westwind: children & disadvantaged children with teens receive mentorship, gain personalized tutoring, mentoring global perspectives, and build and family support. the leadership skills to make a difference in today’s world. Senior Services East County Senior Services: offers a variety of support services to low-income seniors low income that allow them to maintain Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver healthy, independent lives. IN-KIND SPONSORS IN-KIND SPONSORS Columbia Sportswear Peggy Kern Eco Drycleaners Rudy’s Barber Shop Healing Pathway Techjet Imaging Journey Gym Yoga Pearl Ken & Barbara Francis Luna sol Massage Shelly Wagar Shiatsu Therapy 7
  8. 8. 6/26/2010 OUR JUDGES TONE: Dave Allen | & NORTH STAGE PRESENCE: David Long | Choreographer ORIGINALITY/ CREATIVITY Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver Andi Ziesler | Bitch Magazine SONG CHOICE: Julian Chadwick | OUR JUDGES Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver Leadership Board Established in 2008. Exuberant group of young p professionals (under the age of 35) ( g ) to help engage next generation in Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver supporting YWCA of Greater Portland’s mission. 8
  9. 9. 6/26/2010 Open Mic After the karaoke competition. Are A you a rockstar? k t ? Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver TALK TO US TWITTER: @YWCAPortland HASHTAG: #Offkey2010 Offkey Tryouts, © Tom Oliver WEB: Now let’s get to rockin! 9