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Writing your introduction


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Writing your introduction

  1. 1. Introduction  Four basic functions:  Refer to the audience, occasion , something  Get audience attention familiar  Cite a startling fact or opinion  Ask a yes/no, raise-your- hand, or rhetorical question  Tell a brief story  Use a quote  Tell a relevant joke
  2. 2. Introduction  Four basic functions:  Your thesis is one sentence that tells your  Get audience attention audience what the entire  State your thesis or speech is about. proposition  It is NOT an English paper thesis. Be direct.  A proposition is used in a persuasive speech. It states your POSITION on the topic, as well as what you hope to accomplish with the speech.
  3. 3. Introduction  Four basic functions:  Why are you an  Get audience attention authority on the topic?  State your thesis or  Why did you choose proposition this topic?  Establish your  State if you have credibility experience with the topic or if you have done research.
  4. 4. Introduction  Four basic functions:  Directly state or list the  Get audience attention 3-5 main points  State your thesis or BRIEFLY that you plan proposition to make.  Establish your  This should be a clear credibility list.  Preview your main  It should correspond points exactly with your main points.
  5. 5. Example:  Attention getter: How many people in here have a hard time balancing school work, working, family, and personal time? Thesis: For many of you in here, time management can be a major struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Credibility: I’ve been effectively using time management strategies for years now, and it has made my life much easier to balance. Preview: First, I’ll discuss how to manage your school time, then work time, and lastly family and personal time.
  6. 6. Practice!  Practice your introduction many times! It will set the tone of your entire speech, so you want it to be enthusiastic and fluent. Your introduction should be about 20-45 seconds long.