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Presentation given to the CAMW Journey to Jobs group on 10/12/2010.

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  • Lansing a job on twitter

    1. 1. Jennifer Middlin, Marketing Consultant | @jmiddlin<br />Landing a Job on Twitter<br />
    2. 2. If Twitter were a country?<br />If Facebook were a country, it’d be the 3rd largest in the world.<br />Twitter would be larger than Mexico. Larger than Germany. <br />Larger than Canada, Italy and the Netherlands – combined.<br />
    3. 3. Who is out there?<br /><ul><li> Twitter now has 114, 000, 000 registered users.
    4. 4. 300,000 new users per day.
    5. 5. Twitter users are, in total, tweeting an average of 55 million tweets a day.
    6. 6. Of Twitter's active users, 37% percent use their phone to tweet.</li></li></ul><li>Get yourself ready… (Personal hygiene tips)<br />Update your profile picture.<br />Yes: No: <br />Update your bio<br />Tell us you are a job seeker: <br />Update your background<br />Anything well designed, professional. <br />Delete the embarrassing stuff<br />You may have a tweet or two that wouldn’t shine you in the best light. Just delete it.<br />
    7. 7. Who do you follow?<br />In Lansing, follow the #lansingjobshashtag.<br />Better yet, set up a saved search in Hootsuite<br />Find 5-10 companies you’d love to work for and follow them.<br />They’re bound to tweet out available positions.<br />Use #FF recommendations to find new friends.<br />More on this at the end…<br />Follow recruiters:<br />Two Active: @camwkate, @ RecruiterUncens<br />
    8. 8. I’m sorry… But find job directory listings<br />By company<br />@attjobs – Jobs at AT&T@mtvnetworksjobs – Jobs at MTV@TRCareers – Jobs from Thomson Reuters<br />By field<br />@alldevjobs – Developer jobs@ArtDirectorJobs – Art director jobs@cwjobs – Copywriter jobs@jobsinhiphop – Jobs in Hip-Hop@journalism_jobs – Jobs in journalism@juicyjobs – Green jobs@libgig_jobs – Library Jobs
@mediabistrojobs – Media job listings from – Medical jobs@media_pros – Jobs for media professionals@narmsjobs – Retail marketing jobs@PRSAjobcenter – Jobs in public relations, communications and marketing@reflectx – Physical Therapy jobs@seojobs – SEO job listings@socialmediajob – Jobs in social media
@travelmaxallied – Healthcare jobs@travelnursejob – Jobs for traveling nurses
@usmusicjobs – US Music Jobs
@web_design_jobs – Web design and other graphics jobs
<br />By job type<br />@findinternships – Internships and entry level jobs for college students@freelance_jobs – Freelance jobs@heatherhuhman – Entry level jobs and internships@Project4Hire – Freelance and temporary jobs@jewish_jobs – Jewish job listings<br /><ul><li>By region
    9. 9. @MyBristolJobs – Job listings from – Web-related jobs in Chicago@ChicagoTechJobs – Technology jobs in the greater Chicago area@ITJobsLondon – IT jobs in London@ITJobsSydney – IT jobs in Sydney, Australia@JobsBoston – Jobs in the greater Boston area@jobshawaii – Jobs in Hawaii@NewYorkTechJobs – Technology jobs in the greater New York area@PDXJobs – Jobs in Portland, Oregon@sdjobs – San Diego technology jobs
@sfmobilejobs – Mobile Web and Digital Media jobs in Silicon Valley@mtltweetjobs – PR/marketing/social media/tech jobs in Montreal@TopJobsInLondon – Top jobs in London, UK@web20jobs – UK-based web 2.0 jobs

    10. 10. General
    11. 11. @JobAngels – Helping the unemployed find jobs@indeed – One search. All jobs.
@jobshouts – General job postings@simplyhired – Job search site
@StartUpHire – Jobs at VC backed companies@twithire – Job board service</li></li></ul><li>What do you talk about?<br />Tell the community you are looking.<br />Be on LinkedIn and Tweet your profile when appropriate.<br />Be an expert in your field. Or at least look like one.<br />Interesting articles, industry news, follow conferences you might attend and tweet their news.<br />Be active – Engage, Respond, Be Authentic.<br />Share! See something that looks good, but that you aren’t interested in or qualified for? RT it. Build a network of fellow searchers.<br />They’ll return the favor.<br />
    12. 12. Web and Software Tools <br />Background Designs<br /><br />Profile Picture Tools<br /> <br />Picnik has a save as Twitter icon setting.<br />Tracking<br />Check your Hootsuite clicks – what are people looking at?<br />Management Tools<br />Hootsuite<br />Smart Phone Users<br />iPhone: EchoFon/Twitter<br />Droid: Seesmic/Tweetcaster<br />Blackberry: TiwtterBerry<br />Twibes/WeFollow<br />To find users <br />#FF – Follow Friday<br />Recommended users<br />
    13. 13. Any Questions?<br />@jmiddlin<br /><br /><br />