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  • What we use vs. what we don’t. Main point being, Enterprise is catching up to curve, behind the 8-ball, we are growing out of their services, not very flexible
  • These numbers do not include $ paid for full maintenance with EP
  • Benefits of GPS, Scorecard, Driver training (green rating, re-train), flexibility, tie to fuel, not 3rd partyScorecard and behavior – driver rating based on behavior (speed, accel/decel, idle, etc.), alerts, etc.GPS – normal stuff, good data. Donlen benefit – data is analyzed and reported, don’t have to chase itDashboard & Reports – easy, can set automatic daily for specific info, can customize info, very flexibleThey have been working on and building reports as we request them, make data that we request available when we ask for it.
  • JJ Keller is a good system, has lots of functionality, but would require a staff by itself to fully utilize it and take advantage of its offerings
  • creslfkadvatkspresent

    1. 1. Crescent ServicesFleet Management Analysis Donlen Corporation & Enterprise Fleet Management
    2. 2.  Crescent’s Fleet Management SWOT  STRENGTHS FocusGOAL OF AN FMC Flexibility Support Fleet Management Company  WEAKNESSESReduce Redundancy (One-Stop Shop) Lacking control & transparencyIncrease Efficiency Redundancy Complicated processesFocus on Strategic Goals  OPPORTUNITIESGoal-Set with industry expertise Control & Cost Reduction Technology & Strategic Planning Efficiency  THREATS Volatility (Auto & O/G) Loss of business (due to fleet downtime) Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    3. 3. FMC OptionsDONLEN CORP (A HERTZ COMPANY) ENTERPRISE FLEET MANAGEMENT Accident Management  Acquisition (Leasing) Acquisition / L&T (Leasing / Tags)  Risk Management (insurance) Telematics/GPS  Fuel Management Admin Services (calls)  Maintenance Management Fuel Management  Remarketing Remarketing Maintenance Management Strategic Consulting DOT/Regulatory Compliance Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    4. 4. Enterprise Fleet Management Acquisiton (Leasing)  Fuel (WEX)  36 mo. @ 3.4% (3 year T-bill)  Q2 2013  $350 Lease Fee  Risk Management Maintenance Management  Enterprise “Insurance”  $6/vehicle/month  Remarketing  Full vs Manangement  Auction “Reserve Account” Normalized Cost Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    5. 5. SALE & LEASEBACK  EP Financing Rates range (2.9 – 5.4)  260 bps above 3mo running 52w T-bill avg- All 241 EP Owned/Mgd Vehicles  30 month term- 1-shot deal, Lease, Maint, Fuel, GPS  EP Lease Charge $350/unit (@Term)- Easy to manage all from 1 vendor source  EP Maint Mgmt $6/mo/unit OR  EP Admin Fee $30-50/mo/unit (.09 delivered cost)- All new Leases on Donlen, transfer all Maint & fuel to EP- Accelerate Dep. % on existing EP leases over  Donlen Financing rate 2.4% X # miles to be in equity position  Flexible term, 12-36 month  Donlen Lease Charge 1% (@Term)  Donlen Maint Mgmt $4/mo/unit  Donlen Admin Fee $4-17/mo/unit Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    6. 6. LEASE PROVIDER SWITCH • Results – Previous leasing company financials generally had a lower depreciation rateSALE & LEASEBACK and higher interest/admin rates – From a cash flow perspective, the increaseDonlen compared the leasing financials in depreciation was offset by a largerbetween the two scenarios for 207/241 decrease in interest/adminbuyout units for which they had complete • Year One Additional Depreciation – $176,800financial information and calculated • Year One Admin Savings – $81,026Year One – Cash Flow Savings • Year One Interest Savings – $138,833Year One – Interest/Admin Savings • Year One Net Cash Flow Savings – $43,059 – From a lifecycle perspective, the depreciation between the two scenarios would be essentially the same due to the TRAC adjustment at resale. – Total Year One Interest/Admin Savings – $219,859 Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    7. 7. DONLEN Corp Telematics Focus on Scorecard & Behavior  Behavior Modification  Result is lower cost, safer drivers  Increased Safety GPS  Lower accident rate/fewer claims  Landmarks  Better fuel economy  Alerts  Lower maintenance costs  Compliance  Asset Tracking  Productivity  Location  Utilization  Utilization Dashboard & Reports  Easy to read, automatic, custom Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    8. 8. Maintenance ManagementDONLEN ENTERPRISE $4/mo/unit  $6/mo/unit PO Approval System, 100% bill-back  NSD Approval System Quarterly Analysis  Bill Back for Maint Mgmt, Covg for FMX  Spend Category breakdown  FMX – “Reserve” acct  High spend units  Roadside assist Truck Coupon Booklets Glass Claim service (bill back) Roadside assist Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    9. 9. Fuel ManagementDONLEN ENTERPRISE / WEX MasterCard  Partner with WEX Q2 2013 Fuel Reports  All reporting through WEX Picky about embossing  Any embossing, multiple colors, easy to raise limits Single-Color Cards, applied to equipment #s Can tie to GPS info Rebates and Reporting are essentially a wash, both have 24/7 support Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    10. 10. GPS ManagementDONLEN WEX No hardware cost  Expensive hardware Flexibility in development  Data Access Data management  Interface complexities Scorecards (Driver, Yard, Fleet) Customer Service Hardware Simplicity Integration with HERC Equip Tracking Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012
    11. 11. L&T / D.O.T. / DQ File ManagementDONLEN JJ KELLER L&T, IFTA, 2290 E-File  Truck & Driver File Maintenance  L&T Service enrolled through leasing  User maintained Consulting Services  DOT Reporting DQ Files & auditing  Maintenance tracking FMSCA Inspection audits Crescent Services Fleet Management 2012