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SFSU ISYS363 Fall 2013 - Section 1 - Dolphins


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Published in: Education, Technology
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SFSU ISYS363 Fall 2013 - Section 1 - Dolphins

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363 Fall 2013 Section 01- Dolphins Group Project 1
  2. 2. Intro Features Expected: ● Has a method of contacting each other ● Ability to share files, photos, and documents ● Accessible from multiple platforms ● Free to use Criteria: ● Easy to use ● Easy to install ● Easy to contact each other ● Easy to collaborate together ● Available to anyone
  3. 3. Intro Concerns: ● Compatibility with Mac/Windows or iOS/Android ● User interface might be complex ● Amount of storage space Market Leaders: Google Skype Dropbox Facebook
  4. 4. Mobile Based Text Messenger Pros ● Multimedia sharing is free ● It is simple and easy to use ● You can send text, voice, and video messages through mobile devices supporting Android and iOS ● Sends push notifications to users can immediately respond Cons ● You have to pay if you do not want to see any advertisements ● Not available on PC ● Uses cellular data WhatsApp Viber Pros ● Quick Setup ● Keeps the same phone number ● Simple Interface ● Can send texts, photos, videos ● Able to save messages ● Able to make calls ● Sends notifications to users ● Compatible with iOS and Android Cons ● Uses cellular data ● Not available on PC ● Cannot sync with social networking profile
  5. 5. Social Networking Website Pros ● Free and easy to use ● Groups can collaborate on a document/event ● Live instant conversation with the entire group: no internet needed for chat only ● Can access on any smartphone Cons ● Fast moving stream; hard to keep up and some posts disappear ● A group can comprise a maximum of 5000 members. ● Customization is restricted to minimum Facebook Pros ● Good privacy ● Can access on any smartphone ● Easy to network ● Able to use huddles as an instant chat messenger ● Able to use hangout as a video conference Cons ● Extremely complex to use ● Must have Google profile to sign up ● Does not work with other Google Apps Google+
  6. 6. Video conferencing Pros ● User friendly, so just about anyone can use it ● Easy to install with very little configuration ● Offers unlimited minute subscriptions ● You can call anyone, even in different countries for free Cons ● Does not work well for multi-party conference calling ● Not secure compared to other video conferencing methods ● Susceptible to malware ● Audio is not clear and you must use external microphones and audio equipment for best results ● Requires the internet for it to work Skype Google+ Hangout Pros ● Up to 10 people can videoconference at one time ● Easy to install ● Can collaborate while Google Docs is open ● Can record video conferences ● Screen sharing and file sharing Cons ● Video quality is not that good ● Does not allow single click conferencing ● Connection can be slow ● Not very consistent and has many technical difficulties ● Texting is not available yet
  7. 7. Web Based Office Suite Pros ● Works across various operating systems ● You can access and share any document from anywhere ● You get up to 5GB of storage for free Cons ● Only has the basic formatting of applications ● Not really supported on mobile devices ● Requires Internet service and a Google account Google Docs Zoho Office Pros ● User friendly ● Has full suite of programs ● Has support for advanced Microsoft Office functions Cons ● Free account only gives 1GB of storage ● Does not have a large user base ● Not that easy to share documents ● Slower than other web based office suites
  8. 8. File Sharing Pros ● Simple to use and productive result ● Flexible storage space ● Sharing capabilities ● Synchronizing uploaded files ● Top encryption software to protect all files ● Mobile accessibility Cons ● security issue ● hard to collaborate on file ● file location is hard to find ● Only one dropbox folder Dropbox 4Shared Pros ● 15 GB free web space ● Easy registration ● Multiple file transfer ● Fast download Cons ● Forced to download files ● Renames personal files ● Duplicates files unnecessarily ● Pop-up advertisements
  9. 9. Winners Mobile Based Text Messenger: WhatsApp Social Networking Website: Facebook Video Conferencing: Skype File Sharing: Dropbox Web Based Office Suite: Google Docs
  10. 10. References: to-organise-an-event/