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A Virtual Assistant 4 You Can Help Manage And Grow Your Business


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10 Benefits to Working with A Virtual Assistant 4 You

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A Virtual Assistant 4 You Can Help Manage And Grow Your Business

  1. 1. 1. Have a Partner in Productivity 2. Ready to Work for You; “Hand-holding” not Required 3. Maintain your own “Space” 4. Your To-Do List Will Get Done 5. Free Up Your Time to Make More Money 6. Guaranteed 100% Productivity 7. Have More Hours in your Day 8. Keep Moving Forward 9. Office Space, Equipment, & Software Provided at no charge 10. No Need to Provide “Employee” Benefits
  2. 2. If you are a “solo-prenuer”, Working with me as your As your Virtual Assistant, I working alone can Virtual Assistant is also like can help you to focus your sometimes feel lonely. having a business partner efforts where you may Working with me as your who can help you by never have thought of. Virtual Assistant will relieve providing valuable ideas for Since I am also a business you of handling your your business along with owner, I know what it takes administrative tasks on your support and to connect with the right own. encouragement. audience.
  3. 3.  Employed for over 20 years in a Corporate/Executive office environment, professionalism is a top priority;  My “hands-on” experience has provided me with the skills needed to handle important projects as well as the discretion to manage confidential matters for your business;  I am experienced in multiple software applications and can hit the ground running. Following a discussion of your needs and a brief company overview, I will initiate delegated tasks, provide regular updates, and respect your deadlines.
  4. 4.  Since I work from my own office, you can make confidential phone calls and continue your workday without distraction.  You can delegate tasks to me as you think of them (24/7) via email, phone, fax or shared software. I will acknowledge and manage all assignments and keep you informed of my progress.  If you prefer, your clients don‟t need to know your assistant works for you virtually. They will feel as though you have a personal secretary sitting outside your office door.
  5. 5. Customer Relations Management Mail Package to New Clients Draft Newsletters & Blog Entries Schedule Appointments Update Social Media Accounts Send Follow Up Letters Add Latest Article to Website Confirm Meetings with Clients Handle Webinar Details Scan Business Cards to Database Email Conference Call Details Select Hotel for Conference Type Agenda & Distribute Book Travel Upload Audio to Website Order Supplies, Flowers, & Gifts Proofread & Edit Articles Etc… Create Document Templates Update Operations Manual *Plus any other assigned monthly tasks.
  6. 6.  Your time is valuable and best spent on income-producing projects and generating more business.  An „investment‟ in company productivity will pay dividends beyond what you pay for my services.
  7. 7.  You pay only for the time I work for your business. I “clock” in and out for each task and I turn off the clock for any interruption. You are billed strictly only for the time I actively work on your assignment(s).  Clients repeatedly tell me that I accomplish more in an hour without compromise to the quality of my output than anyone they have previously hired, including employees who have the everyday workplace distractions.  Rather than paying a salary to a hired employee with set working hours, you can select the amount of hours you want to use. Typically, I can accomplish everything you need for your business in 20-40 hours a month.
  8. 8. How much MONEY is your TIME really worth? Do what you do best. Delegate all the rest. Imagine how many “extra” hours you would have in your day to focus on what you really want to achieve.
  9. 9. I can handle items that are distractions in your day such as:  Deleting the “Spam” from your email in-box;  Working with subcontractors on your behalf;  Picking up & responding to voice mail messages;  Etc.
  10. 10. I provide my own:  Office Space  Internet Service  Computer  Phone/Fax  Software Programs  Electricity  Office Supplies (unless project specific)
  11. 11. Save Money by Not Paying for:  A Hired Employee  Payroll Taxes  Vacation  Health Insurance  Sick Pay  Retirement Funds  Disability  Lunch Breaks  Rest Breaks  Personal Time
  12. 12.  20+ Years Executive Office Management Experience;  Dependable, Resourceful, Organized Professional;  Client Testimonials & References on My Website;  No Long-Term Contracts, You May Cancel Any Time;  Reasonable Rates & Discounted Pricing for Packages;  Services Compatible for Any Industry; and  Exceptional Customer Service.
  13. 13. (WEBSITE) (EMAIL) (BLOG) (LINKEDIN) (TWITTER) (TOLL-FREE PHONE/FAX) 1-877-798-7701 Contact me today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Let’s discuss the ways I can assist you in your business.
  14. 14. Jaimie Skultety President, A Virtual Assistant 4 You Member, International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA)