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  1. 1. Klicka här för att ändra format på underrubrik i bakgrunden The Cities Städerna Városok Las Ciudades As Cidades Les Villes
  2. 2. U DDE VALLA
  3. 3. Smögen
  4. 4. K ung s torg et S TR AN DPR OM EN ADE N Strand = Beach Promenaden = Walk G U S TAV S B ERG Gustav = A name of a king Berg = Mountain
  5. 5. The bridge of Uddevalla
  6. 6. BUDAPEST
  7. 7. Buda castle - Many beutiful castles. - The Buda castle is almost 800 years old.
  8. 8. Heroes Square with the millennium monument The Chain bridge The Budapest parliament House of Terror
  9. 9. Laudio
  10. 10. Bilbao Guggenheim museum
  11. 11. Lamuza
  12. 12. Chamusca
  13. 13. C hamus c a bridg e – Des ig ned by G us tav E ifel. There is many beutiful churches in C hamus c a.
  14. 14. Famous for its B ullfig hts As c ens ion w eek S w eet orang es
  15. 15. Saint-Pierre
  16. 16. M any different relig ions and Indian danc e
  17. 17. ”Maison Adam de Villiers” = The house of Adam de Villiers
  18. 18. Goodbye! Hejdå! Viszlát! Adiós! Adeus! Au revoir!