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Food survey


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Food survey

  1. 1. FOOD SURVEY - EATING HABITSDear partners , we need some information about your eating habits. Answer thesequestions about how often you eat the following products. Try to be as honest aspossible. Thanks a lot. I.- Write the percentages here! At school At home Always Sometimes Never Always Sometimes NeverSaladVegetablesPastaChipsFishMeatPizzaPrepared *FruitYogurtcake* Prepared Food such as: Croquettes, Onion rings, Bread crumbed fish/meat,Sausages,... II.- Individual Answers here!*.- Is there any food that you would like to eliminate from your school menu?YESNOWhich one:*.- If you had the chance to bring your own food from your house instead of eating theschools one, would you like to do it?YESNO*.- Do you think that the amount of food you are given at school is:Too muchEnoughNot enough