Answer to Google SEO challenges


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Google has wrecked havoc on many marketers. Howevery understanding your marketing goals and how Google supports them is the goal. We talk SEO, We talk Socials role, and the importance of fresh content on your website.

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Answer to Google SEO challenges

  1. 1. Are the Google changes stressing you out?!
  2. 2. Before we get too stressed out... Sometimes the best answer to what the future holds is to look at the past…… Or Star Trek. And to keep it simple!
  3. 3. What we can learn from my Grandfather It is about being found… It’s about having the answers, it’s about knowing the customers, it’s about connecting
  4. 4. What was unique about Steve Jobs He understood human behavior
  5. 5. It is about finding ways to connect “From the beginning, Starbucks set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only celebrated coffee and the rich tradition, but that also brought a feeling of connection.”- Starbucks Customers appreciate the effort to get a name right. @kate_coley: The woman working at Starbucks was getting my name and actually asked if it is Cate or Kate. I love you, Starbucks lady. You make an effort. @TerrysTwoCents – I absolutely LOVE it. My local Starbucks doesn’t do it anymore because they have a printer. I miss it. @BaronSquirrel – As a partner, it helps me connect. It’s more personal than just calling ut the drink name. Also gets right drink to right person.
  6. 6. Have you ever spoken in key words? Next time you are in a store try talking only with keywords, and see if you get your questions answered “Hole and Wall and Repair?” So why should talking to a computer be any different? Star Trek again predicts the future.
  7. 7. “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” We see Google mission as, helping its customers locate and connect with the services and information they require in order to answer their question or solve their need. "Even if you do brain-dead stupid things and shoot yourself in the foot, but have good content, we still want to return it," says Matt Cutts. In fact, Cutts says that Google tries to make it so that sites "don't have to do SEO." First and foremost is content, and there's no bonus for having good SEO. So what is Google really looking to do?
  8. 8. Building a relationship
  9. 9. So how do we initiate a connection with Google? The Online Jungle: What’s the Future for Organic Search Rankings? By Jayson Demers A great article helps to define the signals that Google is using and will be using to rank a site and it’s content. (Not in any particular order) ● Relevance of content does it answer the question ● Engagement around the content (Are people clicking and responding) ● Referrals - Are people referring to the content and the Brand ● Authorship - Are people engaged with the Author ● Influencers - Are influencers referencing your content ● Loyalty - Do people return to your brand
  10. 10. How social applies to SEO
  11. 11. Evolution? Or Amplification of normal behavior?
  12. 12. Where does email fit? 1. Email is read over mobile devices 2. Email is still the number one medium for creating conversions 3. Social content, like video's have the highest click rates 4. Earned media, case studies and whitepapers have the highest share rate If we put it together we get......
  13. 13. Is your content responsive? “ Provide value to your audience by helping them sort through the clutter and delivering best-of-breed content they will find useful” - Content Marketing Institute “More people use a mobile phone than a toothbrush” - Social Media Today
  14. 14. Great idea - How do I execute that?
  15. 15. At the center of all this is The hub for managing all of your content marketing needs. We curate, create, and distribute content to increase sales.
  16. 16. Three pillars of content - Create content Discover great content Publish to all mediums
  17. 17. The application 1. The dashboard - easy development & distribution of content 2. Order original content ready for posting from one of our 6000 writers 3. Post content to the Website, blogs, social sites, and email newsletter 4. Ability to produce a mobile friendly email newsletter at the touch of a button 5. Use our new simple mobile app to keep content fresh
  18. 18. Use mobile app to contribute content easily Now you can easily add fresh content to your websites, email newsletters and all your social sites with one simple app - Publisher Mobile App ● Free app in iTunes store ● Easy to use ● Same login information from online account ● Multiple users ● Post immediately or hold for review ● All photos stored in dashboard for easy access for use on blog and in newsletters ● Take new photos or use existing photos from library
  19. 19. Plus recommended content
  20. 20. Build a mobile responsive newsletters “ Provide value to your audience by helping them sort through the clutter and delivering best-of-breed content they will find useful” - Content Marketing Institute
  21. 21. Using a Facebook conversation in an email creates more engagement! Incorporate social conversations
  22. 22. Does it work? Marketer: Marcia Doron Actions: Daily content Original and Curated Content from MS Results: Doubled Traffic Sales: 40% of the new clients in 2012 attributed to content marketing Microsoft received: Over 1 million new impressions on content each month
  23. 23. Takeaways “More people use a mobile phone than a toothbrush” - Social Media Today ● Google is starting to respond to context cues vs programing language ● Google is a content delivery system, and we need to work with their system much like a PR agency works with publishers ● We need to focus on the roles social play to help us initiate, engage, and create loyal followers ● Create a content Audit, and work to integrate your content efforts ● eMail is a huge cornerstone to your content marketing ● New marketing technology is about new ways to provide content, so be ready
  24. 24. Questions? Some of the best and brightest companies, and people live and work right here in Newton and Needham, get to know them, you never know. Thank you!!
  25. 25. Humanized Marketing !? I love that this is a new term! This is about engaging with customers
  26. 26. Even my Grandfather had Humanized Marketing
  27. 27. Building a Content Strategy Question: What is the strategy for your content marketing program? Hint: It is not to become a thought leader! (That is an outcome)
  28. 28. How to Start your Content Strategy Answer the Questions What are the 10 questions people will ask before they purchase?
  29. 29. The Pillars to Content Marketing Create great content - Crowdsource content Leverage your sales team Discover great content Curate User generated content - (It is at your fingertips) B2C - Look at Facebook and Twitter, RSS Feeds, Google Blog/Video Searches B2B - Look at LinkedIn Groups, RSS Feeds, Google Blog/Video Searches Distribute Create one integrated publishing initiative Cross reference and leverage content from all platforms
  30. 30. Do you know where your content is? Too often large organizations do not know where all their content is. Or they are not leveraging their content across multiple business units and groups. How many Facebook Pages do you have? How many email newsletters do you have? How many landing pages do you have? How many twitter accounts do you have?
  31. 31. Are you maximizing/optimizing your efforts? When content is published in different silos the work is inefficient and costly.
  32. 32. Try to develop one integrated effort
  33. 33. Creating a symbiotic relationship Yet, Leverage Affiliates Reach and Content Partners and Affiliates Develop a centralized content process Corporate Sites
  34. 34. Integrated content efforts sales person with mobile device personal social sites personal social sites fresh content fresh content fresh content fresh content sales person with mobile device your social sites your corporate or local website your email newsletters fresh contentfresh content Leverage your sales team to create original content for your website, email newsletters and social sites Inspire your team to share the content on their own personal social sites A bank can inspire their employees to take photos of community projects the bank shares. The bank can leverage those photos to help keep their content fresh and to engage with their local customers. A marketing or sales person can take photos at events Each photo will act as strong content piece for the company and the consultant.
  35. 35. new meetings 3rd party references - individuals, publications SEO email newsletters phone calls social conversations 2. Traffic 3. Sales your website 1. Content:
  36. 36. What does the future hold? What does Floyd the Barber have to do with iBeacon?
  37. 37. Jeffrey Mesnik President 781.444.7000
  38. 38. Keep it Simple Organize marketing efforts under one premise: CONTENT. Why content? Content is the starting point of all areas of marketing since it can define everything from loyalty to lead generation. STEP ONE - Google doesn’t want you to have an SEO strategy - "Google wants content that is relevant”
  39. 39. 1. Email is still the number one medium for creating conversions 2. Email is read over mobile devices 3. Social content, like video's have the highest click rates 4. Earned media, case studies and whitepapers have the highest share rate If we put it together we get...... Don’t Forget Email