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Careers in pharma industry

  2. 2. planning Steps: What are your interest? What do you want to be? What are your skills? What types of careers fit your skills and interest? How do you prepare for the career?
  3. 3. Research & Development M. Pharm., Ph.D./ formulation & development  Involves R&D work in organisation for developing new formulations, molecules, etc.  Position involve  R & D Chemist  R & D Executive  Research Scientist  Research Associates  Group Leader - R & D  Head - R & D  Vice President - R & D
  4. 4. Clinical Research  Involves clinical testing & research of drugs on patientss  Clinical trials  Bioequivalence Study  Pharmacokinetics study and  Toxicological Studies
  5. 5. Clinical research  Clinical Training Analyst  Clinical Research Monitor  Clinical Research Associate  Clinical Affairs - Project Manager  Clinical Trials Manager  Clinical Research Coordinator  Example- Quintiles clinical research
  6. 6. Contract Research Organization (CRO) M. Pharm, B. Pharm, Phd  Various Contract Research Organization are already established in different parts of India who are doing research for the big national & international pharmaceutical companies in the areas of New Drug Discovery, Process Development, Formulation & Development and Clinical Research.  There are lots of job opportunities for the Pharmacy professionals in this CRO at different level.
  7. 7. Regulatory Affairs (RA)  Interaction with all departments of the company and based on this cooperation prepare a variety of documents necessary for research, development and production of drugs/medical devices.  Providing information and expertise in the latest changes in the Regulatory Requirements of National GMP, WHO- GMP, US FDA, TGA, ICH guidelines.  Preparing for Regulatory Inspection  Interaction with government to obtain
  8. 8. Regulatory Affairs (RA  Interaction with government to obtain regulatory approval for conducting clinical studies and for production of therapeutics.  WHO Certification  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)& Pharma Patents  Preparation of Drug Master Files (DMF), New Drug Submission (NDS)/ Abbreviated New Drug Submission (ANDS)/Common Technical Document (CTD)
  9. 9. Regulatory Affairs (RA  Preparation of Registration Dossier for export  These professionals will find employment in industry as  Regulatory Affairs Assistants,  Regulatory Affairs Associates,  Documentation Administrators and Medical Information Associates ,  Regulatory Affairs Consultants for Pharma/Biotechnology Industry,  Regulatory Food Safety Scientist,  Pharmaco-vigilance Manager,  Drug Safety Specialist
  10. 10. Sales & Marketing  Sales & promotion of pharma brands to the doctors, hospitals, etc.  Positions include- Medical Representative  District Manager,  Area Manager,  Regional Manager and  Manager- International Marketing & Exports.
  11. 11. Product Management/ medico marketing  Market Research  Benchmarking  Strategizing and positioning of product  Give lead to next products to be developed at R & D  Promotional activities etc.  Example- product manager team in Dr. Reddy’s labs, Sun Pharma, etc.
  12. 12. Medical Transcription/ medical writing  Pharma journals/ medical writing assignments need B. Pharma students with technical knowledge & excellent writing skills  The process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into electronic format. A medical transcriptionist is the person responsible for converting the patient's medical records into electronic format
  13. 13. Advertising  Pharma & healthcare advertising is catching up a new trend  Brand building & advertising campaigns on various pharma products  Social media & digital media promotion for pharma companies & brands is also a hot career  Example- Watermelon ad agency, Draft Fcb Ulka healthcare, media medic consultancy, etc.
  14. 14. Consultancy ( strategy & planning)  The consultants job is to provide advice to pharma organizations  The consultancy projects are based on marketing, regulatory affairs, product management, advertising etc.  Example- Indegene life sciences
  15. 15. Business development/ International business development  It involves the business of bulk drugs / API eg. Ciprofloxacin ,etc.  The job involves promoting the API /bulk drug products to the clients & cracking the deals  Companies- Wanbury, Karmic Life sciences, Cipla, etc
  16. 16. International marketing/ international business  The job involves setting up off business & operations of Indian pharma companies in foreign countries  Involves promotion of products & their marketing in foreign markets  Connecting with foreign clients & B2B marketing of bulk drugs
  17. 17. Manufacturing & Production M Pharm B. Pharm., MBA (Production Management)  A Pharmacy professional works in the production of Bulk Drugs (API) & Intermediates and Formulation as a  Production Chemist (Competent Technical Staff)  Production Officer  Production Executive  Production Planner  Production Manager  Vice President – Production
  18. 18. Sectors include-  Biological & Biotechnological products  Ayurvedic Product  Homeopathic Medicines  Unani System of Medicines  Surgical dressings  Medical Devices & Equipment  Veterinary medicine Manufacturing & Production M Pharm B. Pharm., MBA (Production Management)
  19. 19.  Pharmaceutical Flavors & Fragrances  Nutraceuticals  Cosmetics, Soaps, Toiletries segment  Blood and Plasma Products - Blood of various groups, production of blood bags, Haemoglobin, plasma, serum, clotting factors Antigens, antibodies etc.  Dental Medicines and dental products - tooth paste, mouthwashes, dental cavity fillers etc. Manufacturing & Production M Pharm B. Pharm., MBA (Production Management)
  20. 20. Quality Control B. Pharm., M. Pharm.  QC Chemist (Competent Technical Staff)  QC Executive  Technical Manager - QC  QC Manager
  21. 21. Quality Assurance  Inspector  QA Executive  Document Controller  QMS - Co-ordinator  Validation Co-ordinator  QA Manager
  22. 22. Medical reviewer/ advisor  M. Pharma pharmacology students have an opportunity to work in pharma organizations  Their job is to provide technical information & pharmacological knowledge to the marketing team  The medical advisor reviews the information regarding therapy, molecule etc, works on the indications, etc. & links with the marketing team
  23. 23. Supply chain management  Involves managerial jobs of sourcing of raw materials, logistics of finished goods, transportation, etc.  The supply chain manager meets clients, vendors & suppliers to make deals of logistics & transportation management
  24. 24. Careers abroad  Community pharmacist  Toxicology studies  Pharmaco genomics
  25. 25. Careers in government sector  Drug Inspector  Technical advisor at CDSCO, DCGI, other government pharma bodies  Research & development in government organizations like CSIR, Central drug labs, IPCL (Indian Pharmacopoeial commission labs)
  26. 26. Career as a pharmacist  Government Pharmacists are required for-  civil hospitals  government hospitals  railways pharmacy  army/ navy pharmacy
  27. 27. Patent agent  After B. Pharmacy students can take up a course in IPR (intellectual property rights & patents)  Jobs in patent sector include corporate jobs like drafting patents for companies  For patent agent there is an annual exam conducted which has to be qualified for being a patent agent
  28. 28. Suggestions for young pharmacy students  1. Self confidence and believe in own capabilities.  2. Think high and have only positive thoughts and can  automatically go high.  3. Have interaction with staffs that excel in their carriers.  4. Make a network of innovators and a network of users.  5. Attend international conferences.  6. Utilise libraries and laboratories.  7. Attend seminars, refresher programs, work shop
  29. 29. For any type of help feel free to enquire Jay Mehta- Mob- 8446737104 Email-