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Excel graphs & charts final narration


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Excel graphs & charts final narration

  1. 1. Microsoft ExcelBasic Charts and Graphs
  2. 2. What Do We Know?Pre-Assessment Tool
  3. 3. Video on Graphs/ChartsCreating Charts & Graphs in ExcelWebsite info for future reference:
  4. 4. Labels for Excel Chart/Graph Example1 -The chart area of the chart.2 -The plot area of the chart.3 -The data points of the data series that areplotted in the chart.4 -The horizontal (category) and vertical(value) axis along which the data is plotted inthe chart.5 -The legend of the chart.6 -A chart and axis title that you can use in thechart.7 -A data label that you can use to identify thedetails of a data point in a data series
  5. 5. What Do We Know NOW?Post-Assessment Tool