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Wave1 of the Sonoma Diet


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Presentation from Cindy Mann at LWS

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Wave1 of the Sonoma Diet

  1. 1. Objectives Recipe: Quinoa and Black Beans Overview of Wave 1 Sugar cravings and detox symptoms Preparing for Wave 1 Meal Planning Recipe: Raw Kale Salad with Tomatoes & Parmesan
  2. 2. Recipe: Quinoa andBlack BeansWhole Grain: QuinoaProtein: Black BeanVegetable: TomatoFat: AvocadoFlavor Booster: Cilantro
  3. 3. Overview of Wave 1• Take the guess work out of portion control• Lose your cravings and dependence on processed & sugary foods• Become more mindful about how you’re eating
  4. 4. Choose your foods.
  5. 5. Foods to AVOID Sugar White flour, white rice Alcohol Soda Fatty beef Full fat dairy
  6. 6. Let’s talk sugar. What’s your sweet of choice? When or WHY do you eat it? How do you feel when you eat it? How do you feel after you eat it?
  7. 7. What causes sugar cravings?Water Primary Foods CareerNostalgia RelationshipsLack of nutrients Physical ActivityHormonal SpiritualitySelf-sabotagePrimary foods
  8. 8. When youexperience a sugarcraving…Ask yourself:1. What is my head wanting?2. What is my body needing?3. Is it different?4. How might I give my body whatit needs?
  9. 9. You will feel better. Try to: • Drink more water Detoxing • ExerciseWhen giving up sugar, you might experience: • Sleep Headaches Fatigue • Commiserate with challenge Digestive upset mates Skin breakouts Weird cravings • Do something you love that’s Moodiness non-food related
  10. 10. Preparing for Wave 1 Clean your cabinets Candy, chips, cookies, creamy salad dressings, margarine, white rice, any other temptations Clear your calendar and don’t overschedule
  11. 11. Create your meal planBreakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
  12. 12. Some shortcutfoodsWhole wheat bagelsWhole wheat breadKashiMultigrain CrackersWhole grain cerealLaughing Cow light cheese
  13. 13. Raw Kale Salad Kale Lemon Juice Grape Tomatoes Parmesan
  14. 14. Take 3 deep breaths.CHEW.