Theres no 'i' in journalism


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  • - sing happy birthdayMake them bring in treats for one anotherMake them feel specialEven celebrate half birthdays
  • - set a limit on how much to spendAdviser participates, too give a list of likes and dislikes – fav. Food, drink, etc. Keep it a secret Guess at the end Make sure everyone gets stuff and make people feel like real jerks if they don’t give anythingHave a few things stocked up just in caseAlso, get editors/producers small token of appreciation
  • - certificate and medal of honor - can totally make someone’s day - make sure you remember to do it - feature it on your website? Facebook group?
  • - have staff/department wide banquet with awards - cheap alternative - culminating event just like they do in sports - makes them feel apart of something
  • the name game,pressure cubes, human knot,garbage-bag balloon fun- make them get to know each other - they MUST know each others’ names – it’s crucial for them to work together - also must realize how to get through hard times together and problem solve – pressure cubes, human knot, etc.
  • - impromptu dance party/lessons - depending on mood – can help push through deadlines together
  • - All the Good things - Say one nice thing about the person next to you, etc. - never exclude anyone – foster that right from the start - Cards, meals, love, etc. when staffer is going through hard time
  • - Mufasa picture - paint thrown at me for Games for the Cure promo - stories
  • - laugh together, cry together, be there for one another - giddy when things go well - send love, cards, food, etc. when member of staff is having a hard time
  • - birthday - holiday celebration - celebrate celebration
  • - what’s going on in life? - What happened this weekend? - Table Topics game - I share personal life things – family, big foot films (share films we do) -
  • Letter of acceptanceStaff MeetingHave them in to film show at end of the yearAnnounce on facebook?Varsity jackets
  • - share contact info - Facebook group - communicate outside of class
  • - shirts - alumni group - Why we <3 WK TODAY - Program swag - posts on facebook, etc.
  • - Hall of Fame wall - clap for each other after PA Announcements - Senior/Alumni wallClap when they walk in after reading announcementsAlways supportiveLook at each others’ workVote for best storySenior and Underclassman of the Year awards
  • - have a purpose or mission (homecoming?) - do community dinner at the lock-in - have editors/producers talk - combine staffs
  • - everyone brings food - host it at a staffer or adviser’s house - play games - combine staffs for department bonding
  • Reporter’s NotebooksT-shirtsPinsBumper stickersVarsity jackets?Induction ceremony
  • - adviser to adviser - common application -facebook tags, posts - say nice things to each other
  • - bake sale - bowl a thon - 5k race - restaurant fundraiser -
  • Elective FairSJW weekMovie nightRead my shirt dayGift cardsTrivia questionsBake SaleJRN Dept.
  • Theres no 'i' in journalism

    1. 1. *[*well, OK. There’s one. But that’s it.] Presented by: Jesse McLean Brian Wilson Waterford (MI) Kettering High School
    2. 2. Staff [or team, or program, or whatever you call it.]
    3. 3. Celebrate birthdays: how many different ways can you sing the same song? {We came up with Spanish, French, whispered, shouted, yodeled, Irish, ce llo’ed, scream-o, opera}
    4. 4. Have a Secret Santa gift exchange [I knitted you a lovely sweater.]
    5. 5. Elect staffers of the week {But then hold them to every single campaign promise they made.}
    6. 6. Make paper plate awards for a year-end banquet [Just avoid using the toxic markers if you plan to eat off of those plates later in the day. I’ll only make THAT mistake once.]
    7. 7. Develop a line of Jones Soda personalized bottles {Copyright infringement? Never heard of it.}
    8. 8. Play Icebreakers [If you start chipping ice before Labor Day, by June you have a lovely sculpture. Then it melts. See how well that analogy fits?]
    9. 9. Listen to music, but make it a shared experience. {Hey! Get those things out of your ears!}
    10. 10. Help them realize how much they care about each other [Huh. Was not aware of your softer side.]
    11. 11. Be willing to do stuff that mostpeople would consider really dumb. {They never really thought you were that cool anyway.}
    12. 12. Allow nicknames to happen [Mine is M-C-Lean. I DJ on the weekends]
    13. 13. Don’t be afraid to show some emotion {you big crybaby}
    14. 14. Eat food. Lots and lots of food. [I know we’ve had brownies three times this week. Deal.]
    15. 15. Share with one another {You have a LIFE? Get OUT…}
    16. 16. Make everyone feel welcome right from the start [If you have a mat, that helps. But it’s not required..]
    17. 17. Be accessible {But if you post about font choices at three in the morning, don’t expect more than 26 responses.}
    18. 18. Share your love for the program [Go ahead. Hug it out.]
    19. 19. Celebrate successes {Woo hoo!}
    20. 20. Department [because it just sounds cool]
    21. 21. Hold an overnight lock-in extravaganza [don’t make any plans for the rest of the weekend, either]
    22. 22. Get to know people at aget-to-know-you Picnic {your bean salad contains HOW many different beans? Wow.}
    23. 23. Create common goals [Not ‘common’ like ‘boring’. Common like ‘together and stuff’.]
    24. 24. Get to know each other {Have we met? Uhh…yes. Yes we have..}
    25. 25. Give out department swag [Look how cool we are! Seriously! Come back!]
    26. 26. Promote each other {Congratulations! You got the job.}
    27. 27. Cover live events together [“Aw, but I liked it a lot better when we found out about stuff four weeks after it happened,” said no one ever..]
    28. 28. Raise money together {And have fun at the same time! Two birds! One stone!.}
    29. 29. Represent together [Oh…you don’t know how to ‘represent’?!]
    30. 30. Go to conferences and conventions together {Hey! Kinda like this one!}
    31. 31. Proof is in the pudding: [Not really sure if this fits at all here, but it felt right]Murmur: theMurmur wkhstv
    32. 32. Jesse @jmclean3Brian @wilsob01