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Jump-Start your Healthcare Experience Management


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Jump-Start your Healthcare Experience Management

  1. 1. FEBRUARY 20, 2013 Like Tweet Forward Brand Strategy // Experience ManagementJump-Start your Healthcare ExperienceManagement Today’s healthcare organizations understand the importance of experience management and its impact on business goals. In fact, about 77% of nationwide healthcare leaders who participated in our 2012 Benchmarking Study with APQC and The Beryl Institute responded that their organization believes that effective patient experience management generates additional revenue.You probably know that ignoring the need to manage experiences will likely result in lost opportunitiesfor growth, revenue and increasing market share; what you may not know is where to start in assessingthe current experience of your key customer groups such as patients and referring physicians. Gelb hashelped medical centers all over the country address this challenge.After speaking with thousands of patients and referring physicians from leading hospitals and medicalcenters, we have found five key areas that emerge as critical parts of the experience. One of the mostcommon ways we use to obtain this information is through in-depth experience mapping interviews,which allows our interviewers to evaluate the most important touchpoints, functional needs andemotional needs at each step of the journey.As a starting point, we have created this brief assessment. Each step of the assessment examinesyour knowledge of patient / physician perceptions of care, coordination and communication.We have written detailed articles and white papers about experience mapping techniques. If you wouldlike additional information about this or our audit tool, please contact us .
  2. 2. Will we see you at these upcoming conferences? March 11 – 14, Chicago Changing Healthcare by Design, 2013 Congress on Healthcare Leadership (American College of Healthcare Executives) Gelb Consulting is hosting a dinner at the ACHE Congress Monday, March 11. If you are attending this conference and would like to join us for an informal dinner to meet colleagues in healthcare, please RSVP to Jennifer Winograd . March 17 – 20, 2013, Orange County (Calif.) Creating Connections Conference (Children’s Hospital Association) Gelb is a sponsor of the conference and is hosting a networking dinner Sunday, March 17. If you are interested in joining us, RSVP to Jennifer Winograd l Having trouble viewing this e-mail? View it in your browser If you do not wish to receive any updates, click here to unsubscribe