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Get The Most from Your Physician Referral Data


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One of the largest challenges in the physician relations function is keeping up with physician relationship management. Some have turned to standard CRM/PRM programs with limited success. The key reason – current systems aren’t designed to accommodate the unique strategies required for outreach. Leveraging best practices in physician relationship management, we’ve designed Physician360. This white paper examines how this solution can address the most pressing needs of physician relations functions.

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Get The Most from Your Physician Referral Data

  1. 1. Get  the  Most  from  Your     Physician  Referral  Data     Gelb, An Endeavor Management Company 2700 Post Oak Blvd. P + 281.759.3600 Suite 1400 F + 281.759.3607 Houston, Texas 77056              
  2. 2. Get  The  Most  From  Your  Physician  Referral  Data       ©  2015  Gelb  Consulting.  All  Rights  Reserved.       Page  2   Overview   In  many  healthcare  systems,  more  than  50%  of  patients  can  be  attributed  to  referring   physicians.  Based  on  our  experience  with  the  top  AMCs  and  countless  interviews  with   physicians,  we  have  developed  a  unique  approach  for  capturing  and  analyzing  data  to  better   understand  the  market,  your  physician  customers,  and  their  referral  patterns.  We  have   incorporated  this  approach  into  our  Physician360  dashboard  for     The  Informational  Stew   There  is  a  constant  flow  of  data  generated  by  your  healthcare  operations.  Some  data  is  captured;   much  is  not,  and  what  is  captured  is  often  scattered  across  different  media  and  computer  systems   for  various  departments’  uses.  Getting  clear  answers  to  business  questions  is  often  difficult.   How  can  you  make  sense  of  this  informational  stew?  Specifically,  how  can  you  track  the  physicians   and  their  referral  patterns  so  that  you  can  maximize  your  relationships,  create  effective  business   strategies,  and  generate  above  average  returns  for  your  healthcare  system?     You  need  to  understand  the  full  hospital-­‐physician  relationship,  not  just  the  referral  relationship.   You  need  to  collect  sufficient  data  to  leverage  industry  experience  and  insights  for  managing  those   relationships.    You  need  to  discover  physicians’  attitudes  and  expectations  to  develop  a  common   understanding  of  the  current  situation  and  form  consensus  around  which  opportunities  to  pursue.   Lastly,  you  need  to  be  able  to  monitor  these  relationships  for  real-­‐time  experience  consistency  and   intervention  to  recover  when  there  are  problems  with  service.   Dashboard  Solutions   What  is  needed  is  a  consistent  data  collection  strategy,  feeding  material  into  a  standardized   database,  from  which  you  can  pull  useful  aggregated  information  on  a  continuing  basis.  Our   Physician360  dashboard  tools  help  you  better  understand  your  market  and  identify  new   opportunities  for  growth.     Tracking  referral  pattern  behaviors  can  be  complicated.  True  referral  data  is  often   compromised  by  technical  issues  like  EMR  systems  overwriting  the  true  referral  source,  and  
  3. 3. Get  The  Most  From  Your  Physician  Referral  Data     ©  2015  Gelb  Consulting.  All  Rights  Reserved.   Page  3   human  factors  such  as  a  call  center  failing  to  enter  the  referring  physician.  Although  many   healthcare  data  providers  state  that  they  can  provide  accurate  referral  data,  datasets  are   often  rely  on  incomplete  claims  data,  inferred  referrals,  or  proprietary  algorithms  that  may  or   may  not  reflect  true  referral  behaviors.     Our  Physician360  Dashboard  helps  you  monitor  and  track  the  physician  experience  by  service  line   and  market.  It  helps  you  answer  critical  questions:     • Where  in  the  referral  process  are  we  losing  patients?     • How  does  patient  attrition  correlate  with  satisfaction?     • Are  there  any  differences  in  attrition  by  service  line  or  market?       • Is  there  sufficient  access  for  patients?   This  dashboard  monitors  other  key  indicators  such  as  relationship  status,  satisfaction  with   experience,  and  advocacy.    By  monitoring  the  number  of  issues  revealed  in  the  status  of  those   cases,  it  is  possible  to  delve  deeper  and  discover  systematic  issues  by  viewing  the  number  of  cases   by  service  line,  by  type,  and  by  market.     We  believe  in  monitoring  more  than  just  the  top  physician  performers.  For  true  market  sensing,   you  should  also  monitor  the  movers,  those  physicians  who  are  increasing  or  decreasing  revenue.   A  quick  review  at  Voice  of  the  Customer  data  adds  another  dimension  to  the  story.  Knowing  where   patients  are  falling  out  of  the  referral  funnel  helps  you  develop  initiatives  to  retain  those  referrals   you’ve  worked  so  hard  to  earn.   Targeted  Voice  of  the  Customer  tools  gauge  stated  referral  behavior,  customer  satisfaction,   likelihood  to  recommend,  reputation  and  competitive  differences  for  you  and  your  top   competitors.  Data  can  be  aggregated  by  rendering  physician,  referring  physician  practice,   medical  group,  or  hospital,  and  segmented  by  physician  specialty,  zip,  service,  patient   diagnosis,  age  cohort,  and  three-­‐digit  zip  code  —providing  true  bi-­‐directional  referral   management.     How  are  you  reaching  your  customers?  A  well  developed  system  can  help  you  learn  more  about   selecting  the  correct  channel  for  each  customer.  It  can  tell  you  which  channels  they  prefer  and  how   individual  channels  differ  by  service  line  and  market.  Knowing  which  channel  your  customers  prefer   helps  you  design  strategies  to  streamline  the  referral  process  by  channel.  
  4. 4. Get  The  Most  From  Your  Physician  Referral  Data     ©  2015  Gelb  Consulting.  All  Rights  Reserved.   Page  4   Our  Executive  Summary  tracks  referral   volume  against  your  goals,  quickly  filtering   data  by  service  line  or  market,  identifying   the  procedures  where  your  revenue  is   increasing  or  decreasing,  and  assessing   whether  that  revenue  change  is  due  to  a   change  in  the  number  of  physicians  who   refer  to  you  or  whether  it  is  due  to  fewer   physicians  sending  you  more  and  more   business.     The  Executive  Summary  provides  a   snapshot  of  physician  outreach  and  marketing  activities,  and  how  those  activities  trend  with   referral  volume.  Integration  of  our  PRM  system  with  a  third-­‐party  data  provider,  like  SG2  or   Crimson  Advantage,  allows  you  to  view  your  organizational  data  within  the  context  of  the  market.     Our  Market  Insight  Data  allows  you  to   view  other  physicians  by  location  and   total  claims.  You  can  also  view  and  sort   these  competitors  by  percentage  of   managed  care  or  number  of  new  patients   seen.  If  you  need  to  know  more,  you  may   view  them  by  service  category  and  see   how  you  rank  against  their  statistics.          
  5. 5. Get  The  Most  From  Your  Physician  Referral  Data     ©  2015  Gelb  Consulting.  All  Rights  Reserved.   Page  5     Our  Program  Data  supports   program  management  for   physician  relations  and  business   development.  With  it  you  can   quickly  see  how  your  outreach   and  marketing  efforts  are   trending  with  referral  patterns.   For  example,  are  ride-­‐alongs   impacting  referral  volume  by   those  who  you  have  targeted?   Within  a  few  clicks  you’ll  begin  to   see  a  story.     Many  physician  relations   departments  (PRD)  struggle  to   demonstrate  business  value.  By   tracking  customer  lifetime  value   and  satisfaction  for  targeted  and   non-­‐targeted  physicians,   physician  relations  departments   can  demonstrate  the  value  of   their  efforts  by  their  impact  on   business  measures,  as  well  as   measuring  the  strength  of  the   relationship.  PRDs  can  also  use   our  dashboards  to  track  outreach   activities  against  goals,  and  filter  by  service  line  or  by  specialist.     Using  the  dashboard  it  is  possible  to  analyze  further  by  practice  or  physician.  This  helps  PRDs   quickly  identify  the  top  referrers  by  service  line,  as  well  as  the  big  movers.  With  this  information   PRDs  can  turn  referral  volume  patterns  into  insight,  identify  the  trends  that  characterize  strategic   physician  relationships,  and  design  strategies  to  improve  referrals  and  resulting  revenues.        
  6. 6. Get  The  Most  From  Your  Physician  Referral  Data     ©  2015  Gelb  Consulting.  All  Rights  Reserved.   Page  6   Experienced-­based  Effectiveness   We  understand  the  subtle  nuances  of  managing  the  delicate  relationships  of  key  physician  influencers.   Our  solution  helps  organizations  develop  strategies  to  attract  and  acquire  new   relationships,  create  tools  to  better  engage  physicians,  and  grow  customer  lifetime  value.   All  of  our  360  solutions  are  rooted  in  measurement  and  analytics,  giving  you  the  power  to  explore,   share  and  demonstrate  the  business  impact  of  your  efforts.  Using  them  you  can:   • Listen  Closer  –  Dashboard  tools  help  you  capture  the  voice  of  the  customer  across  multiple   channels.   • Analyze  Faster  –  Dashboards  integrate  data  into  a  single  platform  for  fast  analysis  and   accessible  customer  insights.   • Socialize  Insights  –  Dashboards  provide  a  way  to  share  insights,  anticipate  trends,  and   collaborate  better.   • Orchestrate  Messages  &  Experience  –  Dashboards  help  you  improve  touch-­‐point  performance   and  deliver  messages  that  resonate.   • Humanize  the  Brand  –  Dashboards  help  you  engage  customers  differently  to  create  advocacy   and  improve  service  recovery.   • Measure  the  Impact  –  Dashboards  demonstrate  the  impact  of  different  marketing  efforts  by   tracking  performance  and  benchmarking  progress  toward  corporate  goals.   Our  dashboard  solutions  are  grounded  in  over  50  years  of  market  research  experience.  We   have  perfected  our  market  sizing  techniques  and  incorporated  those  tools  into  the   Physician360  module.  This  approach  is  unique.  Rather  than  depend  on  a  single,  incomplete   data  set  and  inferences,  we  provide  you  with  the  tools  to  capture,  integrate,  and  analyze  data   from  several  data  inputs,  arming  you  with  the  insight  to  generate  your  own  inferences.  By   integrating  payer  data,  stated  behaviors  and  referrals  into  a  single  database,  your  analysts  can   segment  and  layer  data  points  to  see  a  physician’s  referral  pattern  from  multiple  perspectives.     Some  of  the  market  intelligence  available  with  Physicians360  includes:   • Market  Size   • Billable  services  by  physician,  by  service   • Number  of  physicians  in  market  by  specialty   • Share  of  Wallet   • Referral  data  cross-­‐tabulated  with  billable  services  by  physician  (identifies  splitters)   • Share  of  services   • Referral  data  cross-­‐tabulated  with  billable  services  by  physician  and  service   • Competitive  Intelligence  
  7. 7. Get  The  Most  From  Your  Physician  Referral  Data     ©  2015  Gelb  Consulting.  All  Rights  Reserved.   Page  7   About  Endeavor   Endeavor  Management,  is  an  international  management  consulting  firm  that  collaboratively  works   with  their  clients  to  achieve  greater  value  from  their  transformational  business  initiatives.  Endeavor   serves   as   a   catalyst   by   providing   pragmatic   methodologies   and   industry   expertise   in   Transformational   Strategies,   Operational   Excellence,   Organizational   Effectiveness,   and   Transformational  Leadership.   Our  clients  include  those  responsible  for:   • Business  Strategy   • Marketing  and  Brand  Strategy   • Operations   • Technology  Deployment   • Strategic  Human  Capital   • Corporate  Finance     The  firm’s  50  year  heritage  has  produced  a  substantial  portfolio  of  proven  methodologies,  deep   operational  insight  and  broad  industry  experience.    This  experience  enables  our  team  to  quickly   understand  the  dynamics  of  client  companies  and  markets.    Endeavor’s  clients  span  the  globe  and   are  typically  leaders  in  their  industry.     Gelb   Consulting   Group,   a   wholly-­‐owned   subsidiary,   monitors   organizational   performance   and   designs  winning  marketing  strategies.    Gelb  helps  organizations  focus  their  marketing  initiatives  by   fully   understanding   customer   needs   through   proven   strategic   frameworks   to   guide   marketing   strategies,  build  trusted  brands,  deliver  exceptional  experiences  and  launch  new  products.    Gelb   can  help  you  to  develop  and  implement  the  right  strategies.    Using  advanced  research  techniques,   Gelb   can   help   you   to   understand   the   complexities   of   your   market,   to   develop   your   strategic   decision  frameworks  and  to  determine  the  best  deployment  of  your  resources  and  technology  to   monitor  your  successes.     For  over  50  years,  Gelb  has  worked  with  marketing  leaders  on:   •      Strategic  Marketing   •      Brand  Building   •      Customer  Experience  Management   •      Go  to  Market   •      Product  Innovation   •      Trademark/Trade  Dress  Protection     Our  websites: