Data management for supervisors


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Data management for supervisors

  1. 1. SupervisorsResearch Data Management Julia Gross, Research Data Librarian
  2. 2. Research data management Good research practice Meeting obligations, rules and guidelines National level, local level Supervisors need to know To advise students
  3. 3. Why is data management important? The Code – ‘to justify the outcomes of the research and to defend them if they are challenged’ – ‘good stewardship of public resources...’
  4. 4. What is research data? Anything that may be needed to validate the results of research Research data could include  images, sound/video recordings, artefacts, surveys, questionnaires, interview transcripts, statistical data and analyses, measurements, fieldwork notes
  5. 5. Research data management at ECU Research data policies and plans  The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research  ECU Research Data and Records Management Policy  ECU data management plan template
  6. 6. HDR students need to … In a nutshell….. Store and maintain data responsibly
  7. 7. HDR students need to… Keep clear and accurate records of the research methods and data sources Identify ownership of research data and records Manage the storage of and accessibility to research data and records Follow ethical protocols and privacy legislation
  8. 8. HDR students need to… Ensure the security of research data and records Retain the research data and records for the required period Maintain the confidentiality of research data and records Safely dispose of research data and primary materials when the appropriate period of retention has finished.
  9. 9. Supervisors advise HDR students…  How to manage data  Where to store data  How to manage the confidentiality of data  How long to keep data (varies with disciplines)  If data should be retained beyond the life of the project, how will this be done  If data may have potential for re-use in the future
  10. 10. Research data management Training  GRIP Online Orientation Module Responsible Research  More to come in 2012, online guide  More is needed Resources  ECU data management plan template Contact email