Using Metrics to Determine Research Impact


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Julia Gross. Presentation on Bibliometrics for ECU Research Week, September 2012

ABSTRACT: Publishing your research is an important part of promoting your work and ensuring that your research finds a wide audience. Bibliometrics is one technique for measuring the impact of research using publication citation counts. You can do a research impact analysis yourself if you know which tools to use. This seminar introduces a range of bibliometric tools such as Scopus, Web of Science and Publish or Perish.

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Using Metrics to Determine Research Impact

  1. 1. Using Metrics to Determine Research Impact Julia Gross, ECU Library Contact Info:
  2. 2. What is bibliometrics?• Quantitative analysis of research publications based on citations• Online tracking Contact Info:
  3. 3. Bibliometrics applications• Review the literature in a discipline• Map influential researchers in a field• Measure research quality and impact• Map collaboration between researchers• Compare output of individuals, research centres, and institutions (ERA)• Compare national publication Contact Info:
  4. 4. Citation analysis - toolsWeb of ScienceScopusPublish or Perish Contact Info:
  5. 5. Web of Science journal coverageScience Citation Index ~8,300Social Science Citation Index ~4,500Arts & Humanities Citation Index ~2,300 Contact Info:
  6. 6. Types of Web of Science searches• Search (topic, author, publication)• Author finder• Cited reference search Contact Info:
  7. 7. Researcher cites others … Contact Info: Web of Science
  8. 8. Researcher is cited by others… Contact Info: Web of Science
  9. 9. Scopus• Citation database• Subject coverage – Scientific – Technical – Medical – Social sciences – Arts & Humanities Contact Info:
  10. 10. Types of Scopus searches• Document search• Author search• Affiliation search• Advanced search Contact Info:
  11. 11. Scopus – Analyse results tool Contact Info:
  12. 12. Scopus – author evaluator tool Contact Info:
  13. 13. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Hamilton, G. Resnicow, K. Shaw, T Waters, S. Milne, E. Johnston, R. Giles-Corti, B. English, D.R. Hall, M. Hearn, L. Jacoby, P. Burns, S. Maycock, B. McManus, A. Monks, H. Shaw, T. James, S. Hart, B. Howat, P. Gabebodeen… Kambaran, N.S. Beatty, S.E. Langner, H.G. Lower, T. Bishop, B. Broughton, H.R. Miller, M. Kane, R. Brown, G.Contact Info: Nichols, T. OConnell, M. Pearce, N. Perren, S. Reddy, S.P. Costa, C. Roberts, C.M. Runions, K. Dooley, J. Epstein, M. Slee, P. Stevenson, M. Vaughan, R.D. Falconer, S. Excel graphs of bibliometrics data Fenton, J. Williams, P. Series2
  14. 14. Scopus Web of Science overlap Contact Info: Source: Iselid, L. (2007)
  15. 15. Publish or Perish (Google Scholar)Citation analysis ofGoogle Scholar dataSoftware download Contact Info:
  16. 16. Google Scholar“cited by” Contact Info:
  17. 17. Why use Publish or Perish?• Better than using Google Scholar on its own• Broad multidisciplinary coverage• Includes results across many major databases• Better for social sciences, arts and humanities• Produces research performance metrics• Download results to Excel Contact Info:
  18. 18. Which database to use?• Scopus• Web of Science• Publish or Perish Contact Info:
  19. 19. Journal metrics Contact Info:
  20. 20. Journal metrics, measuring journal impact• Journal Citation Reports (JCR) – Science Edition – Social Sciences Edition• Impact factors• Highly cited journals in a discipline• Leading journals in a discipline• Discipline specific Contact Info:
  21. 21. JCR impact factors in Nanotechnology e.g. in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology … Contact Info:
  22. 22. Comparing journals on Scopus Contact Info:
  23. 23. Future developments…Other tools, new developments… Contact Info:
  24. 24. Altmetrics to determine research impact • Altmetrics manifesto • New ways to measure impact • New metrics based on analysing the social web • Scholarship is changing • Scholars use the Web: blogs, Twitter, social media Source: (2012) Contact Info:
  25. 25. Altmetrics new tools – Web 2.0• Reference managers • Mendeley, Zotero• Social media • Blogs, Twitter• Social bookmarking • Delicious Contact Info: Priem, J. (2012)
  26. 26. Bibliometrics – handle with care!• Disciplinary differences• Citation impact vs Impact of research• Assumption that • Cited articles have been read/used• But we also have • Time-lag • Self citing • Diplomatic citing/non-citing Contact Info:
  27. 27. Any questions? Contact Info: