Library Smarts: Making the Cut


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Back to School for Ouachita Parish Librarians

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  • Introduction of New Librarians: In the immortal words of Albus Dumbledore, Welcome back to Special librariansCourtesy Fund
  • Times are changing and we must change with them. As I’m sure you all aware, the current generation of students, referred to as Digital Natives, were born into technology. There has never been a time in their lives when they’ve been without it. So, to start off our year, I thought I would check with one of our youngest Digital Natives
  • Please write down any questions you have regarding generating REPORTS in Alexandria. Any problems, whys, hows, etc.
  • Making the Best Use of Your Library Data & Data gathering: Please notice on your EOY Report Summary that we have begun documenting the average publication dates for your library collection. Errors due to years recorded in two digits‘55 instead of 1955Dates read as either 5500 or 2055.Handout on how to check your collection to make correctionsEven IF your average publication date appeared reasonable, it would only take a handful of incorrect dates to throw off your report and make your collection seem more current than it is. PLEASE WORK ON THIS! I WILL USE THESE STATISTICS FOR FUNDING REQUESTS!
  • Repurposed books
  • A NUMBERof your circulation stats indicated a huge drop in circulation. I know that for some of you, this is just NOT possible. So when I began compiling our data, I went back and re-ran some of the reports. They were correct. However, it was still so odd, that I went back and ran reports from the previous year and found that some of the totals for the 2009 -2010 school year included MORE THAN ONE YEAR. Be sure that you set the parameters for the current school year when you compile your circulation reports.
  • Less confusing for your studentsImproves shelving accuracyReport data will not be divided
  • Some of you, I know, may have inherited a library where the multimedia was never converted to Dewey. You may have a wall of videos arranged by accession number only. It may have been the other librarian’s mess before you were hired, but now, it’s YOUR mess. If you leave it as you found it, it will become a reflection of your professionalism.
  • As we continue to add new types of materials, we need to be sure to add new policies, such as eBooksAnother concern that affects our count on total books in the library would be “Classroom sets.” If you are maintaining large collections of classroom sets and circulating them for classes, please create a new policy type for classroom sets so these books are not included in your book count as circulating titles. If you have 1000 books that are in classroom sets, and they are counted as separate book titles in general circulation, it makes your data appear that you have 1000 different titles available to your student. Actually,
  • I am Number 4, by Pittacus LoreTwilightRamona, ClearyCity of EmberLegend of the Guardians (Owls of Ga’hoole)Harry PotterTwilightNew MoonEclipseJudy MoodyMr. Popper’s PenguinsDiary of a Wimpy KidChronicals of NarniaFlippedPercy JacksonThe Hunger GamesSisterhood of the Traveling PantsAlexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad DayThe GiverThe Heist SocietyThe Mortal InstrumentsShiver
  • Begin at the end. This is your data. Use it to address your needs, plan your programs, and set your goals. Please take ownership of your data. You are ultimately responsible for your Annual Reports. The data is only going to beneficial to you if you have compiled it and examined it. This is not something that should be delegated to your parent volunteers or your paraprofessionals. If I call to ask you a question about it, I should NOT be referred to your para because she did the report.
  • Do you know where to go to find great resources for your websites?
  • Did you know that you can link book trailers and author websites to book records in your Alexandria Automation Program?
  • Examine your current and past data. Which grades have the most participation? What is exceptional about those classes? Try something different. Recognize the achievements and progress of your students. It’s amazing what they will do to get their photos on a Wall of Fame. If you have never used a motivational theme, a principal’s challenge, or a Wall of Fame, you don’t know what you’re missing! Please make the most of your AR program as a part of your library program.
  • Please use the data available. Compare your points earned to previous years. Is your program waxing or waning?AR Code of Conduct: Can be downloaded from LMS EdLine Page.
  • The Consideration List may be helpful when you work on your book orders. However, use the HS list with caution. Some are not suitable. READ the REVIEWS. Also, on the high school list for this year, we are NOT including If I Stay, due to language content. As far as next years’ list, I am going to purchase ONE set and pass the books around to the high school librarians. Once again, I need your input. I have read MOST of the books on the final consideration list. Most of the books are excellent reads, but some have excessive language and/or sexual situations. We’re going to take this on a year by year basis and evaluate the books carefully.
  • Please consider reserving the voting machines Maintain your records year to year: Number of students voting. Are your numbers increasing each year? Decreasing?
  • Shelf TalkersBook Trailers with WebcamAnimotoWindows Movie MakerWanted PostersYouTubeFake Facebook PageQR CodesPowerPointGlogsAudacityQR CodesBook Ads using WordleFotobabbleBlabberizeWho Wants to Be a Millionaire TemplateAvatars
  • Be sure that your order is 1 ½ times the amount of your order.
  • I cannot spend my year sending your book orders back and forth. If there are problems with books on your order, I will send you an email with any issues itemized. Please address EVERY issue before sending me a new, signed, book order. We have libraries begging for additional funds. If I do not receive your order by the HARD DUE DATE, I will assume that you don’t need funding for books this year and reallocate those monies.
  • Application is located on the LMS EdLine page under “Capital One Library Makeover Grant”
  • PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE. You all have received a copy of the survey results from last year. Get some ideas from what other librarians have done. Get on the internet and see what other states are doing to promote their programs.Elementary LYRC: Skit for We Can’t All be Rattlesnakes!We have a lot of schools participating in this program. This could be a GREAT opportunity to Skype with another school library to have a book discussion. Use a FlipCam and let your students talk about their books.
  • Library Smarts: Making the Cut

    1. 1. Library Smarts: Making the Cut
    2. 2. Welcome to our FamilyIn the immortal words of Albus Dumbledore:“Help will always be given….to those who ask for it." Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J. K. Rowling
    3. 3. So it is with the librarians in Ouachita Parish. We are a family. You need only to ask. . . .
    4. 4. Welcome Back! • Ellen Harveston • Libby Colvin • Melba Collum • Kathy Daughdrill • Welcome New Baby Porter!James Garrett Porter Jackson and Baby Garrett
    5. 5. What Digital Natives Wantfrom Their Library. . . .
    6. 6. Work It, Baby! Creating a Fierce LibraryElizabeth Dumas, LMS Annie Miers, LMSGood Hope Middle School Riser Middle School
    7. 7. Library SmartsMaking the Cut
    8. 8. Date Smarts:Alexandria Webinars: Thurs., August 18 • Upgraded to version 6.2 over summer • Major changes to “Reports” feature • Bring any questions you have on generating reportsLA LAMP: Monday, Sept. 12, Ruston, • Lincoln Parish Public Library • Keynote Susan Gauthier
    9. 9. Report Smarts• Publication Dates • Errors due to years recorded in two digits • „55 instead of 1955 • Dates read as either 5500 or 2055 • Handout on how to check your collection to make corrections• Weed your collection • Bring up the average age of publication • How does your collection age compare to others in your district?
    10. 10. Why Weed?1. It makes your collection more attractive since it removes older, dilapidat ed materials.
    11. 11. 2. It makes your collection more useful, since it removes materials that are out-of- date, and therefore no longer accurate.
    12. 12. 3. It makes your collection easier to use, because useful materials are no longer "hidden" among materials that are not useful.
    13. 13. 4. It makes room for newer and more useful materials. Colorful signage Open space on shelves, not crowded Front-Facing Books
    14. 14. 5. It helps you know your collection better.
    15. 15. “Repurposed Books”
    16. 16. Plant a good idea!
    17. 17. 5 Ways to Know your Collection • Read, Read, Read • Shelve, shelve, shelve • Read your shelves • Weed • Inventory “If you read it, you OWN it!”
    18. 18. Circulation SmartsIs my circulation count logical? • Do my totals included MORE than one year? Did my circulation Aug. 2011 - May 2012 really drop by 30,000 books?
    19. 19. Call Number Smarts: Standardizingfor reporting accuracy and professionalism • 921 or 92 or B • F or Fic • R or Ref • FicFle (Typo) 1. Less confusing for your students 2. Improves shelving accuracy 3. Report data will not be divided
    20. 20. Multimedia Items DVDs, Videos, Cassettes. . What‟s a . . . . . .Filmstrips filmstrip?• Weed• Use MARC Search in Alexandria• Catalog• Assign call numbers and subject headings• Weed
    21. 21. Policy Updates in Alex• Add policies for new material types• Classroom sets • Separate policy • Separate call numbers • Different loan period if needed
    22. 22. Data Smarts• Publication Dates• Does my collection meet the needs of my students and teachers?• Top 10 - 20 Circulated Books• What are my students reading?• What sells?• What‟s current in “Books to Movies?”
    23. 23. Begin with the End in Mind! Am I Making the Cut? • Am I making Data Driven Decisions? • Am I making the most of my resources?
    24. 24. Lesson Smarts • Elementary: Alicia Minter • High School: Cathy Cosper Joy Powell
    25. 25. EdLine Smarts• Update links to databases • GaleGroup • World Book Online • Discovery Streaming • MAPS 101 •• Update and/or correct link to Alexandria. Your link should resemble the link below: TIP: If your link starts with 190.0., etc., you do not have the right link.)
    26. 26. Other EdLIne Links, etc.  Citation Machine/NoodleBib  Author Website Links  Links to Favorite websites such as Enchanted Learning  Dictionary Sites  Learning Sites/Homework Sites  Educational Games 
    27. 27. Library Media Specialists’Page on EdLine• Library-Technology Connections to the Comprehensive Curriculum• Resources for Alexandria Automation• Resources for Citations• Resources for Book Reviews• Blog Links• Forms • Book Orders • Inventory Folder/Departments/Library_Media_Specialists
    28. 28. Resource Smarts Websites with Great Links & Other Resources
    29. 29. State Road Elementary School /library.html
    30. 30. Waukazoo Elementary School
    31. 31. Book Trailers for All
    32. 32. Facebook
    33. 33. Twitter @newbooktrailers
    34. 34. Programming & MotivationalReading Smarts
    35. 35. Accelerated Reader Are you maximizing the potential of your AR Program? Do you have the AR Widget on your EdLine page?
    36. 36. AR Code of ConductEnd of Year Report • Schoolwide Summary • Total number of points earned • Average # of points per Students
    37. 37. Schoolwide Initiatives & Campaigns • Real Men Read • Passports to Reading • Extreme Read: Warrior Style • Fantastic Fantasy • Book Week • Teen Read Week • Teen Tech Week
    38. 38. LYRC & LTRC• Promotional Materials on Website • Bookmarks • Logos • Posters • Study Guides • PowerPoints • BookTalks • Book Trailers • Ballots• Links to Author Websites• Consideration Lists reading/louisiana-young-readers-choice
    39. 39. LYRC/LTRC• Record keeping: Who is eligible to vote?• Voting Machines (Strongly recommend) • Maintain records for yourself & me• Program evaluation • Winners • Total number of votes for each book • Total number of students voting • Parishwide results
    40. 40. LTRC Site for High School
    41. 41. For More Ideas • Opening Pandora’s Box: What to Read After Percy Jackson • Shelf Talkers Glogs Book Trailers with Webcam Audacity Animoto QR Codes Windows Movie Maker Book Ads using Wordle Wanted Posters Fotobabble YouTube Blabberize Fake Facebook Page Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Template QR Codes Avatars PowerPoint
    42. 42. Book Orders• Checklist Cover Sheet must be included. Order 1 ½ times the amount of your order. • Must be signed by principal. • Planning to participate in LYRC or LTRC next year? You must include a copy of the books selections on the book order.
    44. 44. Heart of America Foundation Capital One Bank• Capital One READesign• Library Makeover Project• Completed Applications Due by Wednesday, August 24th.•
    45. 45. Resource CD • Downloaded Resources from LYRC/LTRC website • Animoto Videos for Elementary and High School Programs • JPEG images created from PPT slides • Digital Frames • Smilebox • Screensavers