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The Channel Cloud Opportunity

Debate at CompTIA Breakaway 2012 by Jay McBain, Tony Francisco, Dan Shapero, Ted Roller, Dan Wensley & Wendy Frank

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The Channel Cloud Opportunity

  1. 1. The Channel Cloud Opportunity Tony Francisco Jay McBain Dan Shapero VAR Dynamics ChannelEyes ClikCloud
  2. 2. Just the FactsWhere are we now?
  3. 3. Just the Facts$45.9B opportunity in 2012 $207Bgrowing to by 2016 Source:Cloud is not coming …it is here93% of companies reportWhere are we now?Using some form of cloud solution Source:
  4. 4. The Channel Shift is Happening NOW…For those Channel Partners offering Cloud Services: 51% are generating over half their revenue 42% expect cloud-related revenue to grow significantly in 2012 Source:
  5. 5. Why the Cloud Makes Sense to Customers…50% of companies want to reduce costs44% think it is a better solution43% want to shift to op-ex Source:
  6. 6. Just the FactsCloud Computing will generate 13.8M new jobs by 2015.Will Managed Services grow to be “Managed Cloud”and capture the majority of these jobs? Source:Wait a minute, isn’t the low margincloud going to kill the Channel?“12,000 new cloud jobs in April 2012” Where are we now? Source:
  7. 7. But Customers are going Direct…or are they? Channel Partners predicting growth in next 12 months 96%21% of customers have contractedwith a third party for cloud transition Source:
  8. 8. SHOW ME THE MONEY60% of Channel Partners saidcustomer demand is driving them to cloud.55% report service attach opportunities48% report consulting and networkassessments driving large pre and post sales Source:
  9. 9. Just the FactsWhat Happens in a World where thereare more Vendors than Channel Partners?Prediction: 100,000 Tech Vendors by 2016Mobility and Ubiquitous Computingdriving unprecedented Cloud Growth 600,000+ APPS 500,000+ APPS Where are we now? 60,000+ APPS 70,000+ APPS
  10. 10. PREDICTIONManaging security, compliance,data portability, fragmentationand device support drives:CHANNEL GROWTH