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It doesn’t come as a surprise to Channel Professionals that things are changing faster than ever across the partner ecosystem. A perfect storm of new technologies, transforming business models, rapidly evolving competition, consumerization and economic forces have fundamentally changed the traditional supplier/partner relationship.

Not only are things moving much faster, the relationships have become significantly more complex. Ten years ago, a solid email, portal, phone, advertising and events strategy was all that was needed to communicate effectively to partners and customers. Today we have more than 30 marketing vehicles in play, and the level of noise and clutter is, at times, out of control.

Most of us were taught to measure ROI and then focus on the top 2-3 things that drive results. The problem is that these 2-3 things aren’t working the way they used to:

Email newsletters aren’t getting opened or clicked thru.
Beyond the usual suspects, webinar and tradeshow traffic is dropping.
Advertising, whether print or digital is not having the same impact as years ago.
Portal traffic is at an all-time low – partners just aren’t coming in the same numbers.
While every situation is different – the following 14 Channel Marketing Mistakes are common throughout our industry:

Not utilizing new automation tools for Email & Newsletters
Too reliant on the Partner Portal for communication
Not taking advantage of Communities
Too focused on the home run
Expecting too much from social
Not having or sticking to an editorial calendar
Producing too much boring or sales-related content
Under-utilizing the media
Thinking Direct Mail is too expensive
Segmenting Partners into Revenue Tiers Only
Expending too much effort on Partner Recruitment
Underperforming Tradeshows
Renewing tactics year to year without justification
Not taking advantage of Mobile

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Are you making these 14 Channel Marketing Mistakes? - ChannelEyes Webinar

  1. 1. Are you making these 14 Channel Marketing Mistakes? Jay McBain Co-Founder & CMO
  2. 2. Executing a Channel Program is NOT an easy job.
  3. 3. The Channel Perfect Storm new technologies consumerization new business models evolving competition economic forces
  4. 4. Compounding the Issue… “ “ 25% of the Channel has no business plan 38% do not set sales or revenue goals 40% fail to make long-term strategic plans 65% lack a sales development plan According to the forthcoming 2014 Channel Forecast report by The 2112 Group, the number of new solution providers — resellers, managed services, systems integrators, large account resellers — has been steadily declining since the dot-com bust.
  5. 5. Why do Partners Leave Vendors? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (Opportunity) Cost of Membership Constantly Changing Requirements/Benefits Low Margins Insufficient Pre- and Post-Sales Support Lack of Marketing Support
  6. 6. Top 2014 Emphasis for Channel Leaders: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Increased Business Planning with Partners More Lead Generation for Partners Building New Services Offerings Simplifying Programs and Reducing Costs Co-selling with Partners Additional Incentive Opportunities Streamline Training and Certifications
  7. 7. Not Utilizing Automation Tools for Email & Newsletters #14
  8. 8. Too Reliant on the Partner Portal for Communication 95% of Channel Partners do not regularly use vendor portals #13
  9. 9. Not Taking Advantage of Communities “ “ What makes them powerful is the ability to influence through the implied endorsement of the larger membership. #12
  10. 10. Too Focused on the Home Run We are in the attention economy now, and not taking advantage of the different marketing vehicles across the different community platforms is suppressing your impact. “ “ #11
  11. 11. Expecting Too Much from Social “ “ Social media is no longer the “new” platform and has proven not to be the utopia that was once promised. #10
  12. 12. Not Having or Sticking to an Editorial Calendar “ “ Organizing the avalanche of information your brand needs to communicate over the next 12 months can be daunting. When you roll it up into monthly themes this task becomes much easier. #9
  13. 13. Producing Too Much Boring or Sales-Related Content Finding your brand voice and sharing your domain knowledge with your partners on a consistent basis will build trust and keep them plugged in. “ “ #8
  14. 14. Under-Utilizing Industry Media “ Getting access to their community of readers through co-marketing, sharing your content, webinars, events and newsletters can be a very effective way to reach your established and prospective audience. #7 “
  15. 15. Thinking Direct Mail is Too Expensive #6 “ The average age of Channel professionals has grown every year since the 1980s and this demographic tends to prefer face-to-face, mail and phone calls to electronic communication. “
  16. 16. Segmenting Partners into Revenue Tiers Only “ “ Newer ways of optimizing partner programs include share of wallet, product specialties, job role and other behavioral persona type information. #5
  17. 17. Expending too much effort on Partner Recruitment A balanced approach to Channel management includes focusing equally on partner acquisition, nurturing and growth. “ “ #4
  18. 18. Underperforming Tradeshows “ “ This is an area where a lot of opportunity (and money) is wasted by vendors. Not having a plan covering pre-show, show-within-theshow and post-show tactics as well as defined targets. #3
  19. 19. Renewing Tactics Year to Year Without Justification Channel marketing managers are famous for the “master spreadsheet” outlining all of the approved tactics for the quarter or year. “ “ #2
  20. 20. Not Taking Advantage of Mobile 61% of these partners report that they prefer to use the mobile device as a primary source of information, engagement and tools for business. “ “ Over 90% of partners now carry a smartphone and/or tablet. #1
  21. 21. The Enterprise Mobile Platform Connecting Vendors and their Channel Partners.
  22. 22. Global Recognition of ChannelEyes
  23. 23. Secure Login for Authorized Partners  Built-in Security Authorization Center  Authorized White-list by domain  Remote Authentication with your back-end portal or PRM System ************
  24. 24. Deliver a Personalized Experience Segment Content Feeds:      Partner Tier Level Country or Language Product line or Program Job Role or Access Level Internal Staff
  25. 25. Taking Partner Communication to a New Level Share… • What’s new in your partner portal • Incentives, promotions & rebates • Product news, tech bulletins, specs • Events, webinar, education & training • Competitive updates, battle cards Send Special Alerts Through Push Notification!
  26. 26. Drive new levels of Partner Engagement Two-way Conversations • Social Comments on Posts • Community Walls / Q&A • Private Groups • Contact Us Form • Integrates with leading platforms Community & Groups Live Chat
  27. 27. Deploy Tools to Drive Sales, Service & Education Enable Partners on the go        Deal Registration Module Price Calculator / Quotes / Configurator Locator (Product, Place or People) Service Tickets / RMA / Warranty Ad Server Module Gamification / Quizzes / Surveys Integrations with leading platforms ACME Inc. 7 Anywhere St. Chester, United Kingdom CH1 2HR Tom Smith Director of IT 0121 555 1234
  28. 28. Mobile Channel Marketing is changing the Game
  29. 29. Chosen by Top Channel Programs
  30. 30. Mobile Idea Board News Wall Sales Tools Support Features Announcements Event Calendar Webinars Product News Tech Bulletins Incentives/Promos Best Practices Whitepapers Videos Competition Press/Media/Blogs Newsletter Items Program Benefits Battle Cards Price Calculator Request for Quote Deal Registration Lead Distribution Training Videos Certification Quiz Product Documents Partner Locator Vendor List/Line Card Product Catalog Data List / Map Commission Reports Surveys / Quizzes Contest/Loyalty/MDF Service Tickets FAQ’s Contact Us Private Messaging Contact List/Country Product Wish List Social (FB/TW/LI) Push Notification Single Sign-on Segmentation Multi-Persona Multi-language Card Carousel Resource Center Social Syndication Gamification Community Board Conference Events Ad Server Marketing Overlay Forms to Email Salesforce Integration Orders Order Status Shipping Rates Returns (RMA) Warranty Status Bar Code Reader Product Registration
  31. 31. Let’s Connect… Jay McBain Co-Founder & CMO 518-915-1188 Find us on the interwebs: