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BYOD, BYOA and Consumerization


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A quick look at the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device trend in business from a Channel point of view. Includes a number of sources such as CompTIA, Forbes, Techaisle, VDC, IANS and IDC

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BYOD, BYOA and Consumerization

  1. 1. BYOD, BYOA and Consumerization Jay McBain Co-Founder
  3. 3. Just the FactsWhere are we now?
  4. 4. Just the Facts85% of workers bring work home 87% of workers travel 84% use a smartphone for workBYOD is not coming …it is hereOnly 22% of companies have a formal mobility policy in placeWhere are we now? Source:
  5. 5. Just the Facts 60%While of IT leaders say they supportBYOD, most of them define it as email/calendarFirst, we need to be carefulhow we define BYOD“Enterprise mobility is still in its infancy” Source:Where are we now? 75% BYOC stalled at 15%, of SMB’s against
  6. 6. • Chance to add new managed devices • Ability to make the customers end users happy • Make customer more productive by adding new services (if they can be added safely) • Keeps the MSP close to the customerWhat side are you on? • Disruption of existing IT policies and procedures • Introduction of new and un-verified third party cloud applications into the company network • Higher potential for data leakage and exposure • Greater costs to MSPs resulting in lower profits Source:
  7. 7. Questions to ask your customer  Are you offering more than email and calendaring?  Are you enabling corporate access via a mobile VPN? If so, what does that experience look like? Does it feel seamless or clunky?  Do you have a plan for accessing legacy application data on a mobile device?  Do you really think desktop virtualization on an iPad is the experience your users want?  Are you offering BYOD on any platform or just on “iDevices”
  8. 8. Top Customer Fears % of SMB respondents1. Accidental loss of devices with sensitive data 68%2. Threats from mobile viruses and malware 49%3. Access to mobile apps by unauthorized users 35%4. Lack of Strong Authentication standards 31%5. Inability to manage mobile devices 31%6. Configurations don’t comply with policy 29%7. Lack of VPN software/compatibility to enterprise 27% Source:
  9. 9. Healthcare is the fastest growing industry 85% of doctors own a smartphone, 56% use it in clinical practicePharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Retail are also HOTWhere are the opportunities? Field Mobility Organizations are laggards Source:
  10. 10. Just the FactsDownloading unauthorized apps serious 48% concern by of respondents Source:What is BYOA? 750,000+ APPS 600,000+ APPSWhere are we now? 70,000+ APPS 80,000+ APPS
  11. 11. Opportunity for Triple Play Current Channel Specialties Source:
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITY 1 Risk Assessment/OpportunityWhat can you do that protects your customer and thatthey are comfortable with vs. what is good for theiremployee?3 Key Focus Areas:1. Information protection: Determine information that is and is not deemed“cleared” for consumption on mobile devices either due to its sensitivity or dueto the compliance burdens associated with handling it.2. User sensitivity: Creating a profile of at-risk users and the security required fortheir access to critical information.3. System risk: Take advantage of features such as on-device encryption, the useof VPNs and multi-factor authentication provides a line of safety between users,their devices and the back-end. Tiered information access. Source:
  13. 13. OPPORTUNITY 2 Create a Mobility Policy/DeployQuestions to consider: How are you going to protect the data? How are employees going to log in? What devices are you going to allow on the network? What employee security mandates are you going to impose? Are you going to allow Personal Identifiable Information (PII) orProtected Health Information (PHI) on the devices? What are data compliance/privacy requirements for yourcustomers industry? (ie. Privacy Act, PIPA (AB), HIPAA, GLBA, PCI,SOC, etc.) Source:
  14. 14. OPPORTUNITY 3 Mobile Device ManagementOver a hundred choices…and counting
  15. 15. OPPORTUNITY 4 Infrastructure and Support1. WLAN Coverage/Performance2. Employee Support/Helpdesk3. Device Provisioning4. Line of Business Consulting5. Device Hot Spare programs6. Audio/Video Upgrades7. Mobile Printing/Document Management8. Building/Electrical Upgrades
  16. 16. Let’s make some predictions!
  17. 17. Prediction #1Pervasive computinghas arrived…but youhaven’t seen anythingyet!
  18. 18. BYOD is more than justsmartphones and tablets
  19. 19. Prediction #2 Ubiquitous connectivity changes the business landscape forever “Device wireless access with overtake wired computer access by 2015”
  20. 20. Prediction #3100,000 vendors driven by new cloudeconomy, compete for your attention
  21. 21. Prediction #4will be the new reality “Downloading unauthorized apps serious concern by 48 percent of respondents”
  22. 22. Prediction #5Managing security, compliance,data portability, fragmentationand device support drives:Channel Opportunity IDC Canada projects that over the next five years, BYOD will be a $2.2 billion market
  23. 23. Prediction #6ChannelEyes becomesthe single place forBYOD and all ChannelProgram Information!