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Meetup preso may 2012


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Discussing ideas around 5-minute journal

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Meetup preso may 2012

  1. 1. 5Minute Journal John CaddellNew Tech Meetup of Central PA 7 May 2012
  2. 2. Core issue:• No time to process moment to moment or even day to day activities
  3. 3. Implication:
  4. 4. Analytics can help raise our awareness
  5. 5. Tools make activity & patterns visiblePhysical activity Emotional activity measurements: measurements:• Distance • Accomplishments• Time • Mistakes• Weight • Gripes• Tools – stopwatch, • Tool – journaling, pedometer narratives
  6. 6. Journaling is a way to emotional wellness• “Journaling is mindfulness of thoughts & emotions”
  7. 7. Journaling + Analytics• Marking ongoing work progress• Finding patterns in mistakes & areas for improvement• Quicker perspective on emotional events• Check & balance on happiness assessment
  8. 8. Why I’m Passionate About This• Workplace demands self-improvement• Self-improvement requires self-knowledge• Job satisfaction requires regular, small progress (“small wins”)• Marking progress in the workplace requires a daily log of activities
  9. 9. 5Minute Journal• Web app – mobile-accessible• Prototype site up• 60 users – 10 active• Also experimenting on myself• DEMO
  10. 10. Next steps• Develop initial product – Two tines of a fork • Assessment/measurement tool for consulting • Consumer product – More beautiful front-end; integrated, complete site – Integrated analytics on the back end • Personal analytics • General summary analytics – Need a technical partner