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MozCon & IRCE Debrief


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5 emerging trends in Marketing and other key trends as spoken about at IRCE and MozCon.

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MozCon & IRCE Debrief

  1. 1. 5 Trends Changing the Future of Marketing
  2. 2. Marketing has shifted from campaigns…
  3. 3. …to segments
  4. 4. …but moving to the individual
  5. 5. Where to Focus for Highest ROI… 3   22%   SALES   Sales   ROI   2   25%  PRODUCTS   Product   ROI   1   Customer   ROI   45%   CUSTOMER   12%   Marke5ng   ROI   4   MARKETING  
  6. 6. Personalization & Customization Research  is  cri=cal  for…   •   Iden&fying  consumer  behaviors   •   Tailoring  individualized  content   •   Recognizing  consumer  intent  
  7. 7. Don’t Confuse Research with Relationship! Knowing  about  customers  isn’t   the  same  as  knowing  them  
  8. 8. What Impacts Relationships? 1.  Google’s  changing  algorithms   results  in  [not  provided   2.  Consumer’s  masking  their  ID   with  glyphs  &  typographies   1.  Build  Trust:  Show  them  you   know  them  (Engage  vs.  Inform)   2.  Build  Credibility:  Stop  selling  in   the  places  they  are  learning  
  9. 9. AWrong Understanding of UX
  10. 10. EarningTrust at EveryTouch Point… •   Social  Media   •   Content  Marke&ng   •   Website  &  Pages   •   Phone  Conversa&ons       •   Email  Marke&ng  
  11. 11. The Sales Funnel Has Changed…
  12. 12. 5 Characteristics of Great Content Marketing Develop  targeted,  educa&onal,  content  portals   Don’t  just  tell  the  story,  shape  the  story   Break  from  silos  and  unify  story  through  Chief   Content  Officer  or  Chief  Storyteller   Target  Content   Define  the  Market   Chief  Storyteller   U&lize  Staff   Removing  Brand   Look  for  ways  to  involve  and  engage  staff  in   content  crea&on   Stories  are  shared  at  much  higher  rates  when   the  brand  is  removed  from  the  story  
  13. 13. CM Isn’t: Omnipresence Marketing
  14. 14. CM Isn’t: Bumper Sticker Marketing
  15. 15. CM Isn’t: Inundation Marketing
  16. 16. CM Isn’t: Repetition Marketing
  18. 18. CM: Intentional Marketing
  19. 19. UX: More than meets the eye… • UX  is  more  than:   • Layout   • Click  paWerns   • Flow  of  our  website(s)  
  20. 20. UX: More than meets the eye… • UX  is  mul=-­‐touch:   • Includes  online   • Also  includes  offline   • It  is  the  en&re  customer   experience  
  21. 21. UX: In an online world… • UX  extends  beyond  the  website,  and  into   every  area  of  a  customer’s  online   experience:   • SEO   • Online  communi&es   • Content  sites   • Other  communi&es  as  well  
  22. 22. UX:Think outside the box… • When  we  consider  UX,  we  need  to  think   beyond  our  own  website   • It’s  about…   • Community  &  rela&onships  all  over  the  web   • Aligning  our  total  customer  experience   online,  in  person,  and  over  the  phone   • What  happens  a_er  the  customer  clicks  to   our  site  (SUX  –  Search  User  Experience)  
  23. 23. UX  is  all  about  rela&onships!  
  24. 24. UX: Action Steps • Customer  Journey  Maps   •  Map  out  all  our  customer  touch  points   •  Align  our  customer  experience  across  all  channels   •  Include  personal,  one-­‐on-­‐one  interac&ons     •  Online     •  In  person/over  phone   •  “Back  of  the  house”  interac&ons   • Brand  and  Customer  Promise   •  Ensure  that  any  promises  we  make  both  implicitly  and  explicitly   are  followed  through  on  across  all  channels  
  25. 25. Your  brand  is  not  what  you  sell.   It’s  how  you  sell  it.  
  26. 26. First  keep  your  promises.   Then  make  them.  
  27. 27. How  to  keep  your  promises:   1.  Come  to  terms  with  what  your  brand  REALLY   stands  for  
  28. 28. How  to  keep  your  promises:   1.  Come  to  terms  with  what  your  brand  REALLY   stands  for   2.  Determine  how  your  brand  is  (or  isn’t)  reflected   in  your  customer  experience  
  29. 29. How  to  keep  your  promises:   1.  Come  to  terms  with  what  your  brand  REALLY   stands  for   2.  Determine  how  your  brand  is  (or  isn’t)  reflected   in  your  customer  experience   3.  Help  all  staff  discover  the  role  they  play  
  30. 30. How  to  keep  your  promises:   1.  Come  to  terms  with  what  your  brand  REALLY   stands  for   2.  Determine  how  your  brand  is  (or  isn’t)  reflected   in  your  customer  experience   3.  Help  all  staff  discover  the  role  they  play   4.  Align  your  marke&ng  with  your  actual  customer   experience