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Kbc funda

  1. 1. Stop Spoiling & Wasting your money and stop SMS-ingto KBC or the OTHERTV CONTESTsWe all know KBC is Good Business.But have you ever pondered...How Good....????Any guesses? Lets see...Airtel, Idea & All other subscribers are charging Rs.5/- per SMS sentfor this contest.India have States: 28, Union Territories: 7, Districts: 640,Population =1,210,193,422 (Survey On March 1, 2011),Average Districts population is 18, 00,00082,69,30,000 (82 Crore) Mobile User &Telephone Subscribers (Wireless and Landline): 861480000 (86 Crore)(Apr2011)[Land Lines: 34550000 (3 Crore) (Apr2011), Mobile Cell phones:82,69,30,000 (82 Crore) (Spr2011)]Assuming 1% person are making call to KBC5Rs/SMS X 8269300 (82Lac, 0.82 Crore) = Rs. 4,10,00,000 (4.1Crores)4.1Crore in 20 minutes.(People trying for the 2 Lac cash prize)Imagine what if 10% person entries try out than it will be 41 CroresAnd it does not stop there...
  2. 2. In practice it could be another multiple of 100 or a multiple of 1000 onan average.In that case it is 4.1 x 30 episode = 123 crores earnings in just 20minutes on every episode!!!So Total per month income from this KBC season is 123 crores fromepisode and 1230 crores from (People trying for the 2 Lac cash prize.) =1353 Crores per monthsAnd the prize money: A mere 2 crores...(And from whose pocket?)Smart Business by Siddharth Basu!And the best part of this calculation is just the SMS earning!!What about the Ad money?A rough annual profit calculation goes like this:Rs. 1353 Crores per months X 12 = Rs. 16263 Crores annuallyLet even 50% get dissolved in taxes and other payments of mobilecompany, still you will be left withRs. 8118-crores profit!!! (Only from SMS)Simple Question:"KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI"And your options are---A) SONY TVB) AIRTEL, IDEA, AND OTHER MOBILE COMPANYC) AMITABH BACHAND) SIDDHARTH BASUComputerji iska jawab bataiye....Ans: All FOUR..!!!!PS: Now you know why AB gets all emotional when the episodesend...........
  3. 3. So pls friends stop Spoiling & Wasting your money and stop SMSing to KBCor the OTHER TV CONTESTsPls Care for Your Money in this inflation & price high,Forward this email to your friends and let them know also the fact ofKBC.---DISCLAIMER---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thecontents of this E-mail (including the contents of the enclosure/(s) orattachment/(s) if any) are privileged and confidential material of Mahindra andMahindra Limited (M&M) and should not be disclosed to, used by or copied inany manner by anyone other than the intended addressee/(s). If this E-mail(including the enclosure/(s) or attachment/(s) if any ) has been received in error,please advise the sender immediately and delete it from your system. The viewsexpressed in this E-mail message (including the enclosure/(s) or attachment/(s) ifany) are those of the individual sender. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------