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2017 aals clinical_final


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The Technology Committee of the Clinical Section continues its Webinar series on Tuesday with a webinar about CALS's A2J Author technology.

So you say you want to teach your students using experiential learning, expose them to technology worthy of modern law practice AND increase their awareness of the access to justice gap? With the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction’s (CALI) A2J Author, you can do this. A2J Author is a web-based tool that lets lawyers automate legal processes or court forms without having to learn to program. It has been used by legal aid and courts to automate over 1000 forms and processes and has been used by SRLs (self-representing litigants) over 3 1/2 million times ... and .... it's free for US law schools to use in their courses.

During the AALS Clinical Section Technology Committee’s upcoming Technology Tuesdays Webinar on March 14, from 4-5 p.m. EST, John Mayer, CALI's Executive Director will demo A2J Author and talk about how it has been used in legal education courses covering a variety of legal subject areas. A2J Author is also an ideal platform for rapid deployment of automation to assist in immigration and hackathon events. Come learn about CALI's best kept secret.

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2017 aals clinical_final

  1. 1. John Mayer Executive Director CALI @johnpmayer Experiential Learning, Access to Justice & Technology Enabled Law Practice
  2. 2. Happy Day!
  3. 3. 501(c)(3) 200+ US law schools
  4. 4. Three Challenges •Access to Justice Gap •Experiential Learning •Practice Ready Graduates
  5. 5. Three Challenges TL;DR •Access to Justice Gap – TOO BIG •Experiential Learning – NOT ENOUGH •Practice Ready Graduates – THEY AREN’T
  6. 6. Three Challenges •Access to Justice Gap •Experiential Learning •Practice Ready Graduates
  7. 7. Legal Services Corporation funded agencies complete 1,000,000 cases each year Still: 50% of those seeking legal help at these agencies are turned away 80% of the poor and working poor in the United States face their legal problems without the help of a lawyer
  8. 8. LSC’s TIG (since 2000 $4M/year) Technology Initiative Program •Statewide websites / 1 per state •National Server for… –Document Assembly using HotDocs –Better SRL interface using A2J Author
  9. 9. A2J Author has “just in time” learning features for the end-user including: “Learn More” bubbles, definition pop- ups, audio, graphic and video capabilities.
  10. 10. A2J Guided Interviews on LHI: 2005-2016 3,689,711 runs 2,079,410 assemblies
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Three Challenges •Access to Justice Gap •Experiential Learning ??? •Practice Ready Graduates
  14. 14. Law Students - • Field observation/help desk • Scope document • Research memo • Storyboard • A2J Guided Interview & HotDocs template Justice & Technology Practicum 2010-2014
  15. 15. Nebraska: Due Process for Special Education Answer & Counterclaim for Divorce (No Children) The Justice & Technology Practicum North Carolina: Health Care Power of Attorney Simple Uncontested Divorce (No Children) Illinois: Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity Detinue & Replevin Unpaid Wage Application Appointment of a Standby Guardian Pennsylvania: Petition for Expungement and Order Minnesota: Petition for a Name Change
  16. 16. A2J Projects Deliver Powerful Education… Deep dive into law, procedure & heuristics Exposure to policy/ethical issues raised by legal services delivery and technology Key competencies for emerging law practice (elawyering, software driven law practice, unbundling, web2.0 & “cloud practice”) Key competencies for all lawyers (teamwork, project management and empathy)
  17. 17.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. •“Overall, this course exposed me to a unique blend of big ideas and technical skills.” •“Before I took this …I did not fully grasp the importance of technology in shaping the future of the legal profession.” •“I had never done any sort of programming before and it was fun to learn some of that stuff.” •“This class was completely different from any other law school class I have taken.” Student Reactions
  20. 20. •“I enjoyed learning how to use HotDocs and A2J Author, and was able to channel my passion for advocacy and public interest into a practical Guided Interview.” •“I found the class discussion about ethics interesting because it challenged us to determine where to draw the line between legal advice and information.” •“…challenged my own beliefs about the role of lawyer and the reality that lawyer are not always necessary for simple processes.” Student Reactions
  21. 21. •Teaching students software requires support – more AND less than you think. •Students have Macs (duh) •Coordinating with busy lawyers is hard. •Ideal = two projects / two semesters / longer on-ramp •Training faculty is hard if they aren’t invested Lessons Learned
  22. 22. Simulated A2J Author Projects •Closed universe, 2-4 hour “drop in” project •Completed exemplar for comparison (i.e. model answer) •Multiple legal subject area examples •All the exposure to the problem/process space •Faculty can pick areas of emphasis – ethics, law, unbundling, practice, tech, etc.
  23. 23. Three Challenges •Access to Justice Gap •Experiential Learning •Practice Ready Graduates
  24. 24. It’s not computers replacing lawyers It’s computers + lawyers
  25. 25. Benefits Calculators Stand Alone Info Guides Online Intake Eligibility Check Pre Court Checklists Compliance Triage Legal “Health” Checkups
  26. 26. • Rapid response tool (e.g. recent Immigration action) • Platform for jumpstarting hackathons • Long term student organization/law clinic projects .orgwww.
  27. 27. Legal Education Technology Law Practice Access to Justice
  28. 28. Law Practice Increasingly Automated, Systematized, Digital, Mobile and Online
  29. 29. Legal Education Technology Law Practice Access to Justice
  30. 30. Legal Education Technology Law Practice Access to Justice
  31. 31.  Sign up for an account and look around  A little “under construction”, so pardon our dust  Road Map .orgwww.  Hosted A2J Guided Interviews for clinics/law schools  Packaged simulations for variety of courses  Mobile friendly (built in)  Document Assembly tool (simple)  Training for your classes, support for your students  Sample syllabi, readings at
  32. 32. Links to A2J Course Resources Here is the link to the A2J Author web community: Here is the link to CALI's A2J Clinic Project: Here is the link to the A2J YouTube channel: Here is the link to the A2J Clinic Project Library: Here is the link to the Chicago-Kent symposium on Justice, Lawyering and Legal Education in the Digital Age: technology/2013-law-review-symposium
  33. 33. John Mayer Executive Director CALI @johnpmayer Experiential Learning, Access to Justice & Technology Enabled Law Practice