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Reference management training workshop


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PowerPoint slides used for a one-day training workshop on the use of reference management software (Mendeley and Zotero) for protected area management professionals

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Reference management training workshop

  2. 2. Training Workshop Objectives To introduce PAN personnel to: • The use of reference management software for efficient and effective access to, organisation and retrieval of written material for reports, publications, awareness- raising, etc.
  3. 3. Who has used reference management software?
  4. 4. What is the value of using reference management software?
  5. 5. The tail shouldn’t wag the dog
  6. 6. What Reference Management Software can do • Create a references database for easy access to references • Cite while you write • Create bibliographies • Share references with colleagues
  7. 7. Reference Management and the PAN KMS
  8. 8. The PAN Knowledge Management Mission Our activities are not one-time events so our simple knowledge management system needs to systematically bring together people, processes, technology and governance in a way that to ensure that every time we do something again, we do it better than the last time.
  9. 9. Four quadrants of knowledge management Connect Collect PushPull Asking Telling Searching Publishing
  10. 10. All of the organisation Part of the organisation Part of the system All of the system A D B C Incremental Approach
  11. 11. PAN KMS Pilots 1. A PAN GIS system 2. A document management system 3. An image management system 4. Soft KM components and governance
  12. 12. File Management incl. Renaming PDF/Word Docs 1. Create folders for each year 2. Rename files to year – author – subject 3. Put files in the appropriate folder
  13. 13. John’s Reference Filing System
  14. 14. Create a folder structure and rename files 1. Create folders for each year 2. Rename files to year – author – subject 3. Put files in the appropriate folder
  15. 15. Installing Mendeley Desktop 1. Go to 2. Create a free Mendeley account 3. Download Mendeley desktop 4. Install Mendeley Desktop 5. Launch Mendeley Desktop
  16. 16. Creation of a references database 1. Install the Mendeley Importer for your browser(s) 2. Search on Google or Google Scholar 3. Click on the import to Mendeley button From the web 1. Drag and drop or add file 2. Check the accuracy of Mendeley’s automatic field recognition Manually 1. Type in details in the required fields
  17. 17. Create a references database
  18. 18. Tidying up the database Removing duplicate references Removing duplicate tags Consolidating same authors with different initials, etc. 1. Tools 2. Check for duplicates 1. In the top left panel, select “All Documents”. 2. In the bottom left panel, scroll to the tag you’d like to merge. 3. Select the tag name that you want to change and drag it onto the name that you want to keep. 4. Click OK to accept the merge if that’s what you want. As above but with authors
  19. 19. Remove duplicate references Consolidating author names
  20. 20. Editing references Systematically check the reference fields Editing in Mendeley Check spelling and formatting 1. Right click on citation(s) 2. Copy as formatted citation (ctr+shift+c) 3. Paste into MS Word 4. Check spelling and formatting
  21. 21. Insert citations into a Word document 1. In Mendeley click on tools 2. Install MS Word Plugin Install Mendeley Windows Plugin Cite as you write 1. Open an MS Word document 2. Place the cursor to the point where you want to insert the citation 3. Click on the References tab on the Word title bar 4. Click on ‘Insert Citation’ in the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic menu and find the reference from your Mendeley library 5. Voilà
  22. 22. Edit references
  23. 23. Creating a bibliography Creating a reference list in Word By adding a Tag and exporting 1. Open an MS Word document 2. Add a references section 3. Click on the References tab on the Word title bar 4. Click on ‘Insert Bibliography’ in the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic menu 1. Click on ‘Create folder’ 2. Create a folder 3. Drag and drop reference from library into the folder By creating a folder
  24. 24. Edit citations Insert citations into a Word document & create a bibliography
  25. 25. Adding Italics Do it manually Use a macro in Word 1. Write the italicised text in your titles like this: {{Species name}} 2. Insert your references in Word 3. Install the Ref_Ital macro 4. Run the Ref_Ital macro Remember to do it when you have finalised your document
  26. 26. Adding Italics
  27. 27. Backing up & Restoring Mendeley automatically syncs to the web Creating a local backup 1. Click on Help 2. Select Create Backup Restoring from a backup 1. Click on Help 2. Select Restore backup
  28. 28. Sharing your Mendeley References 1. Creating groups in Mendeley 2. Using Zotero to share the Mendeley database 1. Move mouse to the group section on the left hand side of the screen 2. Create group (only free for up to two collaborators) 3. Complete the fields 1. Export library as a BibTeX (*.bib) file 2. Open Zotero 3. File > Import > find exported BibTeX file 4. Create a group by clicking on the people icon on the top left side of the screen 5. Follow instructions in Zotero online
  29. 29. Installing Zotero Standalone 1. Register for your free Zotero account ( 2. Click on the Register link in the top right and complete the registration process. 3. Go to 4. Click on Download Zotero for Windows 5. Follow set up instructions
  30. 30. Export to Zotero Strip attachments Set up a Zotero Group
  31. 31. Questions and Next steps