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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Copy Right Copyright is when you have total ownership of your work. Joshua Mathew 2nd Period
  2. 2. Conditions for copyright • Conditions of having copyrights is that you must prove you wrote it.
  3. 3. Number of text • The number of text in a presentation is unlimited numbers of text.
  4. 4. Number of photos • The number of photos is 5.
  5. 5. Photocopying • Photocopying is when you take a picture and copy it to make another copy of it.
  6. 6. Commercial Fair • Is when you send out commercials ,usually advertising.
  7. 7. Microcomputer Fair • Is a computer with a microprocessor as it central processing unit.
  8. 8. Adaption • Adaption is when a computer can adapt to you.