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St. Sabina. Press. Release.031711


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St. Sabina. Press. Release.031711

  1. 1. ~aith cr3ommunitff 06 et. eabina 1210 West St. Sabina (78th) Place . Chicago, Illinois 60620 • Phone (773) 483-4300 • Fax (773) 483-7583 WWW.saintsabina.orgFor Immediate Release: For More Information:March 17, 2011 Vince A. Clark - 773-483-4300 Church Leadership Response to the Possible Removal of Father Pfleger We, as the church leadership of the Faith Community of Saint Sabina, haveserved in our respective ministries under the leadership of Father Michael L.Pfleger to make not only this parish, but the community in which we arelocated come to life. We realize that Father Pfleger will not serve as Pastorof Saint Sabina forever. However, considering the current state of theeconomy, we believe that removing him at this time would be devastatingto both our parish and the Auburn Gresham community. We also know thatit is Father Pflegers desire to remain as pastor of Saint Sabina. Further, wefeel that as leadership we should be granted the respect of being involvedin any process of succession planning for the future of our parish. ~n African American Catholic Community of Faith, Education and Service"