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2011 10 corporate introduction


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2011 10 corporate introduction

  1. 1. 1 Introduction to the IMC Organization
  2. 2. IMC Corporate Introduction2 + An established and fast-growing global consultancy organisation. + Founded in Switzerland in 2004; embarked developing a global organisation in 2010. + Like-minded independent entrepreneurs. Broad industry sectors experience. + Boutique style organisation. + Stringent process of inviting new partners to the organisation. + “Hands on” highly ethical approach. Transparency, fairness, and demonstrable performance. + Actively supports > 750 clients, covering SMEs to multinational organizations. + Skills with numerous start-up initiatives. + Supporting clients with services across 5 key business lines; + Mergers & Acquisitions, + Management Consultancy, + Interim Management, + Human Capital Management, + Executive Search.
  3. 3. The Vision & Mission3 + IMC is recognized by its customers as a reliable, committed, and ethical partner dedicated to adding value through expertise, objectivity and quality consultancy services. + IMC’s partners provide expertise across a wide range of functional and industry sector enabling them to support clients across all phases of the business development cycle. + IMC is rapidly establishing a reputation as a leading, highly respected consultancy organization and aims to develop offices and or branches worldwide, in all major regions and cities + To be a world class consultancy and advisory firm capable of exceeding client requirements by deploying skills based on a global organisation of selected like mind highly experienced sector experts.
  4. 4. IMC Methodology4 M&A Interim Management Management Consultancy Conceptual Corporate Program Research Implementation Optimization Development Development Executive HCM Search
  5. 5. IMC Business Model5 M&A People Products Finance Process Perform ance + Example through our M&A business line. IMC’s business models are based on the organisations collective experience and developed to provide bespoke solutions to satisfy our clients requirements.
  6. 6. IMC Organisation6 + Flexibility = the right structure for the partners in each region, sector or business line, to best suit our clients’ and partners’ current and future needs. Country 1 Regional Principals Country 2 Country Principals Associate Partners Management Country Branch Manager Management Consultants / Advisors Practice Leaders Practices Council Principals
  7. 7. IMC Capabilities Matrix7 Industry Sectors • CxO level IMC Business Lines • Senior management • Middle management • Specialist skills Sector A Management Consultancy Sector B Interim Management Sector C Human Capital Management Sector D Executive Search Sector E Mergers & Acquisitions
  8. 8. The IMC Brand8 + Expertise and Presence - dedicated to adding value for with a local, national and genuinely global presence. + Holistic Management Support - Holistic, effective and bespoke management support through all life-cycle phases of the business, focused on People, Processes, Performance and Products, to provide positive financial results. + Values - The Pluses in our logo represent our expert partners’ combined knowledge and skills, operating seamlessly to deliver value through established and qualified business models + Beliefs and Passion - Highly ethical approach based on sincerity, integrity, honesty, transparency, trust and loyalty, combined with a strong passion and dedication. Creativity and innovation in supporting the clients’ requirements. + Approach - Dedicated to maximising clients’ return from our engagement, using defined measurable objectives to meet and exceed their expectations. + Continuity - Working alongside and supporting our clients’ existing teams, to transfer our knowledge and skills, help develop their resources and achieve long-term sustainable results and relationships.
  9. 9. IMC Key notes9 + Swiss & International = precision, quality, professionalism, reliability and discretion. + Multicultural = clear knowledge and capability across multicultural environments. + Measurable Results = To deliver outstanding measurable and sustainable benefits. + Client Value = High calibre consultancy skills, knowledge and know how through a “no overheads” organisation. An excellent value proposition. + Global = presence on all continents providing support wherever our clients need us. + Matrix = comprehensive matrix covering a all levels of functional experience across broad range of industry sectors.. + Leverage co-operations = benefit from co-operation between partners and respective contacts with investment funds and other premium service providers.. + Like Minded = a selective invitation process to ensure synergistic drive and enthusiasm. + Entrepreneurs & Leaders = accomplished entrepreneurs with leadership spirit.
  10. 10. IMC Contacts10 Nelson M Peña Paul Sheppard + CEO + COO + Executive Management Consultant +Advisor & Management consultant. + + + +41 79 349 25 26 / Switzerland + +39 349 436 0344 IMC International Integral Management Consultancy Tel: +41 91 930 09 25