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Introduction to your high quality, low cost, short lead time extension of Supply Chain

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Mexican Manufacturers Inc 9 27

  1. 1.  Hal Allen, Chairman  In Mexico since 1978  Providing shelter and contract services since 1990  Ph.D. Physics, Purdue  Strategic planning, finance/accounting Roger Silverstein, CEO  In Mexico since 1990  Providing shelters and contracts since 1999  MBA, Int’l Bus. Mgmt., Thunderbird  Operations, sourcing John Martino Chief Sales and Operating Officer  1995 first Mexico Start up  Managed 1200 people 6 locations including Mexico and China  Startups in Mexico and China  B.S. Operations Management,  MBA International Business, Ohio State University  Moved factories from around world to Mexico and China
  2. 2. Who are we? Sheltered Maquiladora/Contract Manufacturer in El Paso, TX/Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Experienced professional staff of US citizens and Mexican nationals Degreed engineers and operating executives Over 150K sq. ft. of building space 700 employees two shifts Diverse clients
  3. 3. Industries MMI Serves: Medical, Automotive, Furniture, Consumer Goods, Building, Recreational,Processes and Products Cut and sew, Ultrasonic welding, Mattress machine Uniforms, Mattress covers, Specialty Mattresses, Medical Garments, Leather Goods Mechanical and electrical assembly Residential and Mobil application window screens, pumice blocks, Water filters, Promotional Newspaper bags
  4. 4. Largest Border Region in the World over 2million people (1.5 million Juarez, 700k El Paso)US and Mexico education cooperation University of Texas-El Paso, New Mexico State University, El Paso Community College, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de MonterreyBroad range of skill setsBest location to major markets in US(Midwest, Southeast, West Coast)
  5. 5. Reduced intra-Mexico transportation A trailer can be across the border in 4 hours from time leaves factory Cartage charges are minimal to USFactory within 30 minutes of airport or hotel300+ days of sunshine and moderate climate
  6. 6. MMI Manufacturing Experience (partial list) Wire harnesses, cable  Pet beds & scratch pads assemblies  BBQ grills and smokers Thermostats-Digital and  Textile Christmas products mechanical  Circuit boards Mobil Air-conditioners  Electric Motors Awning Mounting assemblies  Surgical gowns Cell phone repair  Cosmetic kits Telecommunications racks  Gift baskets (food) Production of cosmetic swabs  Bus seats Sheet metal air registers Structural jet engine parts Injection molded parts/assemblies Power/isolation transformers Parts sorting/inspection
  7. 7. Extension of your Manufacturing and Supply ChainSupply Chain Partners -Customer Responsive and On-time deliver -Low delivered cost -Drive for continuous quality process improvementReshoring Partner-Bring back products from Asia with samelanded costSourcingHedge against uncertainty of labor cost in US, Benefits, Taxlaws, Minimum wageAnalyze products coming back to North America Offer ways to keep BOM price close to China Assist in Supply Chain Mapping Optimizing Supply Chain for Cost, Service and Inventory Optimization
  8. 8.  Our Customers Focus on core disciplines  MMI provides expertise in Mexican administrative and corporate functions  MMI provides management of all customs & cross- border functions  MMI is the only shelter provider who is hands-on in day-to-day manufacturing operations. Other Advantages  Low capital expenditures  Customers are anonymous  Customers can “graduate” to become stand alone
  9. 9. MMI’s focus is operations, not real estateFlat organizational chart allows for timely communication with the decision makersPrincipals are hands on operational peopleProvide ongoing supply chain support
  10. 10. Contact: John A.