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Sterling Goes Green


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The environment and our carbon footprint is very important o us here at Sterling. We believe we are doing our part and everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint significantly. Check this out to see what we have done!

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Sterling Goes Green

  1. 1. STERLING Office Services Division has gone GREEN In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and set the example within our industry, Sterling is launching a comprehensive environmental awareness campaign. We have taken the following steps: Biodiesel All of our trucks now use Biodiesel fuel. We average 48,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year. By switching to Biodiesel we will drastically reduce the amount of hydrocarbon emitted into the air. This is the most significant step in reducing our carbon footprint. We are hoping to set an example that other trucking related businesses can follow.
  2. 2. Plastic crates VS cardboard boxes For the last 15 years, Sterling Office Services has used plastic crates rather than cardboard boxes for our office and industrial relocations. We estimate during that time that we have used 810,000 plastic crates rather than 1.2 million cardboard boxes. This has reduced our carbon footprint by 5.3 million lbs. and saved approximately 18,000 trees. Recycling Project Waste Sterling Office Services has implemented a new “Green” policy where our job/project related waste is now being disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Cardboard All cardboard boxes and or packaging material waste is brought back to our warehouse and bundled. These bundles are then sent off to the cardboard recycling center.
  3. 3. Plastic Our plastic waste is primarily stretch-wrap used during the relocation process. All used stretch-wrap is now returned to our warehouse where it is bundled and then sent to the plastic recycler. Metal All metal waste including, modular and free standing furniture as well as caging and racking, etc. which is not re-usable is brought to the metal yard to be recycled.
  4. 4. Wood Any wood items which are not to be re-used are brought to the recycling center where it is crushed into pulp to be used as recycled product. Furniture All furniture that is in good enough condition to be re-used is donated to organizations such as “The Furniture Trust”. These groups will either donate this furniture to nonprofit organizations or sell it and donate the proceeds.
  5. 5. Computer/Electronic Equipment Computer/Electronic equipment is collected and palletized, then taken to an authorized recycler. All material is recycled or disposed of correctly. Certificates can be supplied to any customer proving that all material has been handled appropriately. Recycling in our office At our offices in Chelmsford, we continue our recycling effort. We have separate receptacles for white paper, mixed paper and bottles and cans. We have also installed energy efficient lighting in our warehouse. We anticipate a major reduction of kilowatt hours.
  6. 6. Commitment These programs are only the first step in our commitment to being environmentally responsible. We are dedicated to investigating any and all avenues to further reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to help our customers become more Eco-compliant /Green. STERLING “Helping our environment one move at a time!”