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Billable hours presentation (20130313)


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Billable hours presentation (20130313)

  1. 1. What is Billable Hours? Billable Hours is a Law Practice Management solution. Billable Hours is an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution targeted at Ugandan Law Firms. It comes in two versions; ◦ Thin-client or browser based version (enterprise) ◦ Desktop or windows based version (per desktop installation) It is a client server solution running on Microsoft Windows operating systems for the desktop version and any other operating system for the thin-client version.
  2. 2. How does it deliver on this promise? ◦ File Management ◦ Scheduling ◦ Tasks ◦ Contacts ◦ Phone Calls ◦ Documents ◦ Time and Expenses ◦ Billing ◦ Performance
  3. 3. Case Files
  4. 4. Scheduling
  5. 5. Appointment Details
  6. 6. Tasks (Work done on a file)
  7. 7. Contacts
  8. 8. Phone Calls
  9. 9. Documents Management
  10. 10. Time and Expenses
  11. 11. Billing
  12. 12. What value does it bring? Collaboration Billable Hours allows users to collaborate on cases without the laborious and often time consuming movement of files back and forth from office to office. Administration Billable Hours allows for easier and quicker administration of the Law Firm since all aspects of cases, their progress and the hours billed is easily and quickly available. This means no work will go unbilled. File Management All case related work is directly linked to a case file easing management and tracking of information via searches and filters.
  13. 13. Future of Billable Hours Performance metrics (Work in progress) Ability to read uploaded documents without downloading them Mobile Platforms Tablet Computing Integration with Exchange for appointment synchronisation as well as alert emails Integration with Quickbooks Why postpone? Prevent “feature creep”. Provide quality. Determine demand.
  14. 14. Questions?