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The hiring center


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slides to help the unemployed

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The hiring center

  1. 1. THE HIRING CENTERWelcome to the hiring center for the unemployed. Being unemployed isnot good for anyone, the unemployed, the economy, the nation. I set out some time ago to bring what I hope are good resources to the unemployed, here goes…
  2. 2. Where can I find a job?That is the number 1 questionamongst the unemployed. Theoptions are limited, but there isalways hope. This is an excitingyear for Americans. The mainreason is that there will be aPresidential election. If there isa change that will be good. Ifthere is no change, that will alsobe good, because that willmean that we as Americans arecontent with the progress thatwe are making in our society.
  3. 3. What about the Internet?New technologies are used by theunemployed all of the time, in an effortto get ahead and these employmentcandidates try to separate themselvesfrom the competition.Today the Internet has provided a fastand efficient ways for the unemployedto find jobs. The employers have manychoices available to find the rightcandidate, making it a win, win for all.The losers here will be job huntingcompanies, because for years their mainresource has been the web. Somethingthat almost all have access to now.
  4. 4. What is the right job for me?Social websites like Face book,Twitter, and Google plus are allbeing used by employers to get intouch with applicants andprospective employees.Another method is Blogging, thedevelopment of blogs has manyprofessionals getting their nameout in the areas of expertise oremployment that they seek.Many people ask which job isright for them, only you know.
  5. 5. Are you unemployed?The old fashion job search rules ofpast decades, pre the web simply nolonger apply. That is something thatyou have to keep in mind. Jobseekersmust accept the new opportunitiesopen to them via the Internet. If youare unemployed there is alwayssomething for you via the web.There are surveys that you can takeadvantage like this one that I ammaking available to you. Rememberthat with any type of survey on theweb, the early bird really does catchthe worm and the payment.