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The Buzz About Content Marketing


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Content For Biz provides an intro to content marketing and ideas for creating a content strategy for CONEXPO-CONAGG.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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The Buzz About Content Marketing

  1. 1. @contentforbizThe Buzz AboutContent MarketingFOLLOW US @contentforbizBLOG
  2. 2. @contentforbizWhat They’re SayingContent marketing remains thebright, shiny object du jour for marketers.Advertising Age, Jan.14, 2013““““When it comes to marketing strategies,content marketing has just been crowned kingInc. Magazine, Oct. 2012
  3. 3. @contentforbizWhat I’llCover Today:How to incorporate content marketing intoCONEXPO-CON/AGG plansWhy has content marketing grown
  4. 4. @contentforbizInterest in Content Marketing
  5. 5. @contentforbizJohn Deere Magazine The Furrow,launched in 1895STILL PUBLISHED TODAY1.5 million copies distributed in40 countriesSomething Old orSomething New?
  6. 6. @contentforbizCONTENT MARKETING TRADITIONAL MARKETINGVSContent vs.Traditional MarketingCustomer FocusedRelevant and ValuableRelationship BuildingCompany/Product FocusedSales OrientedInterruptive
  7. 7. @contentforbizThe Internet has fundamentallychanged the way people find, share,shop and connect.
  8. 8. @contentforbizWhy the Sudden Interestin Content MarketingOn average, B2B customers progress nearly60% of the way through the purchasedecision-making process before engaginga sales rep.Source: The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing, CEB Marketing Leadership Council
  9. 9. @contentforbizMarketers MoveToward the WebExplosion in social media provides an easy wayto share information.Everyone can be a publisher.The tools are readily available.Traditional advertising is less effective for leadgeneration. Its more difficult to show ROI.
  10. 10. @contentforbizFresh ContentRelevancyAuthority (Inbound Links)What Google Rewards
  11. 11. @contentforbizContent Marketing 2.0Offers Two-way CommunicationMarket InsightsMeasurable
  12. 12. @contentforbizROIInbound marketing costs 61% LESSper lead than traditional, outboundmarketing.SOURCE: STATE OF INBOUNDMARKETING, HUBSPOT12$346$146Outbound Inbound
  13. 13. @contentforbizTRADITIONALCase StudiesWhitepapersVideoBooksNewslettersCustom Print MagazineAdvertorialsPress ReleasesTestimonialsArticlesBlog |ArticlesMobile AppsPodcastsDigital MagazineCommunity Website/ForumVideo BlogGamificationE-BookEmail MarketingOnline Press ReleasesMicroblogging /Social MediaContent Marketing TacticsCONTENT MARKETING 2.0
  14. 14. @contentforbizContent Marketing AmongManufacturersAdoption ofContentMarketing
  15. 15. @contentforbizTop Content Goals:ManufacturersCustomerAcquisitionLeadGenerationBrandAwareness
  16. 16. @contentforbizContent Marketing UsageNorth American Manufacturers81% 80% 75% 75% 75%60% 55% 54% 49%2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks –North America , Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs
  17. 17. @contentforbizGrowing ContentFormats: All B2BSource: 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks –North America, Content Marketing Institute– Marketing ProfsResearch Reports 76% (35%)Mobile Content 120% (31%)Virtual Conferences 180% (24%)Videos 35% (81%)
  18. 18. @contentforbizShare ofTotal Marketing BudgetManufacturing22%78%ContentMarketing OtherAll B2B1833%67%ContentMarketing Other
  19. 19. @contentforbizManufacturing All B2B19Increase Stay the Same Increase Stay the SamePlanning toIncrease CM Spend
  20. 20. @contentforbiz20No. 1B2B CM ChallengeStarting with “What”Rather than “Why”BIGGEST REASON FOR STALLED EFFORTS:Producing Enough Content
  21. 21. @contentforbizContentChallengesContent still seems tobe everyone’s joband no one’s job.21Source: The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing,CEB Marketing Leadership CouncilMARKETINGBUSINESSLINESSALESTHE MARKETPARTNERSI T/WEB“ “C O R P O R A T EC O M M U N I C A T I O N S
  22. 22. @contentforbiz22CONEXPO-CON/AGGContent Strategy –The WhyAttract more attendeesIncrease press coverageBuild awarenessBe a thought leader$$$ Sales
  23. 23. @contentforbiz23The WhoEquipment end users– Segment by size and industryDistributorsMediaThe more targeted your audience,the easier it will be to rank and convert.
  24. 24. @contentforbizContent Needsto be FindableConduct keyword researchOptimize content using keywordsSearch engine ranking dependent on competition24Align your company withCONEXPO-CON/AGG.
  25. 25. @contentforbiz25What to SayPre-ShowDuringPost Show
  26. 26. @contentforbizContent CreationTipsAsk the right questions of sales, product managers,and customers.Eliminate sales and industry jargon.Resist the urge to sell.Think visually.26.Think like an editor.
  27. 27. @contentforbizStudies showcompanies thatfrequently bloghave increasedwebsite traffic.27BLOG
  28. 28. @contentforbizPre-ShowABC to Introduce FiveNew Products atCONEXPO-CON/AGGCONEXPO-CON/AGGMachines Improve FuelEconomyA Guide to GreeningYour FleetRent or Buy? What’sRight for You28TRADITIONAL MESSAGING CM MESSAGING
  29. 29. @contentforbiz29Pre-Show CM FormatsSOCIAL MEDIAInitiate a customer-focused discussion of productson display.Build excitement leading up to the show withcontests, giveaways and insider knowledge.Reward, respond and share.
  30. 30. @contentforbiz30This blog postappears onpage 1 of aGoogle Search forCONEXPO-CON/AGG.PRE-SHOW
  31. 31. @contentforbiz31Here is an opportunityfrom the CONEXPO-CON/AGG Facebookpage that could be anopportunity for one ofyour customers.PRE-SHOW
  32. 32. @contentforbiz32Pre-Show CM FormatsWEBSITELet visitors know you will be attendingand where to find your exhibit.Highlight the new products that will be on display.Keep your press section up-to-date.
  33. 33. @contentforbiz33Pre-Show CM FormatsONLINE PRESS RELEASESOptimize press releases for CONEXPO-CON/AGGand other keywords.Include social media handles and suggested tweets.Reward loyalty.E-MAIL MARKETING
  34. 34. @contentforbiz34TRADITIONALAt-the-ShowCONTENT MARKETINGTrinket Giveaway Take a photoInstantly shareable
  35. 35. @contentforbiz35At-The-Show FormatsVIDEOSOCIAL MEDIAPRInterviews with experts and customer testimonials, demos.Plan in advance what you are going to do.Have news content ready for distribution.
  36. 36. @contentforbiz36Post-Show FormatsVIDEOSOCIAL MEDIABLOGS.EMAIL MARKETINGPost videos taken at the show.Report on contest winners, talk about financing.Explain new technologies, customer stories.
  37. 37. @contentforbizEngage Your EmployeesEmployeesSubject Matter Experts37Content Distribution
  38. 38. @contentforbizEngage Your PartnersDealer NetworkSuppliers38Content Distribution
  39. 39. @contentforbizCONEXPO-CON/AGGFacebookTwitter-Use the Twitter Hashtag#conexpoconagg39Content Distribution
  40. 40. @contentforbizEngage Your PartnersNational Ready Mix Concrete AssociationNational Stone, Sand & Gravel AssociationIFPE40Content Distribution
  41. 41. @contentforbizEngage Your PartnersB2B MagazinesAudiences already establishedMany opportunities around CONEXPO-CON/AGG, both in print and onlineSocial Media41Content Distribution
  42. 42. @contentforbizTwitterFacebookYouTubeLinkedIn GroupsBlogWebsiteEmail Marketing42Find Your Channels
  44. 44. @contentforbiz44CONSUMPTION METRICSPage ViewsVideo ViewsDownloadsSearches by BrandTOOL: Google Analytics
  45. 45. @contentforbiz45SHARING METRICSLikes, +1SharesRetweetsForwardsInbound LinksPRIMARY TOOL: Google AnalyticsTOOLS: Social Sites, Google Analytics,Open Site Explorer, SEO Moz
  46. 46. @contentforbiz46LEAD GENERATION METRICSForm Completion or DownloadSubscriptions: Email and BlogConversion Rate: How often do visitors who consumecontent become leads?TOOL: Google Analytics
  47. 47. @contentforbiz47SALES METRICSOnline SalesOffline SalesManual Reporting
  48. 48. @contentforbizContent Marketing InstituteHubSpotThe Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing, CEBMarketing Leadership CounselSEOMOZ48CONTENT MARKETING RESOURCES
  49. 49. @contentforbizQuestions49
  50. 50. @contentforbiz50Thank You