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Trip To Cazorla[1] Revista


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Published in: Education, Travel, Sports
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Trip To Cazorla[1] Revista

  1. 1. Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday we went to Cazorla with the students of Getafe and Moncada. It was a trip organised for the bilingual proyect. First, we visited Ubeda with the students of Barcelona. We saw a lot of churches and shops. Later, we came to Cazorla, and we rested in our rooms. We visited a lot of sites, such as museum, hunting parc... and we did many activities: canoeing, water trekking, climb... All the activities were very funny, we liked them !!! The monitors were very kind ( with exceptions). Two monitors told us about the wolf spider. We laughed a bit but it’s true. That spider it’s very big, but it isn’t dangerous ! They wanted to frighten us.
  2. 2. These days we met a lot of people from Getafe and Moncada. They were very nice and friendly, and we made a lot of friends. At night we went to the pub in the village. Some teachers danced better than the students!! The food wasn’t very good, but it doesn’t matter. Finally, we left Cazorla and we returned to Fiñana. We were very tired, but we loved the trip !!! In conclusion, the trip to Cazorla was fantastic ! We met a lot of people and we did a lot of interesting activities in the nature. We learnt English too, because the monitors spoke us in English in some activities. We laughed a lot, and we want to repeat next year !!!