The Snow Hill Fanzine 2


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The Snow Hill Fanzine 2

  1. 1. IES S IERRA N EVADA ´ S M ONTHLY REVIEW T HE S NOW H ILL F ANZINE V OLUME 1, N O . 2 M AY 2010 F RANKY THE B IRD T HIS ISSUE INCLUDES : I am in the classroom, in the window there is a bird's nest. The nest is • Stories from made up of grass, plants, Santa Susana rope, paper, and all kind of stuff. • Updates from One day, at the begin- ning of the story, we ar- the bilingual rived to the class at 8:30, section and the nest was broken. But the next day, the • Happenings- bird was working to Alejandro Garcia, Jose Martinez and Franky made the nest again. On from 1st and the 17th of May, 2010, the The next day, people saw one egg in bird layed its first egg, the other window. We caught the egg 2nd of ESO the blue one. and put it back in the nest of the other The next day, it put its window. • Telescope Trip second egg, then it has All the students from 2º of ESO A been sitted up. have decided the bird's name. It's name is Franky. C ONTENTS : S TORIES FROM 2 S ANTA S USANA A N A MERICAN B REAKFAST M ORE S TORIES ... 3 On Friday, May 28th students from 2nd of ESO made an T ELESCOPE T RIP 3 American breakfast. A MERICAN BREAK- 4 The entire class FAST went to the park’s C OMICS 4 house and Juanma and Brittany made scrambled eggs and V OCABULARY 4 bacon in the kitchen. The students loved trying the new food.
  2. 2. P AGE 2 T HE S NOW H ILL F ANZINE S TORIES FROM S ANTA SUSANA By Aurelia and Juan David 4ºA We did a lot of activities: At night, we went to the Last April we went to riding horses, climbing, ti- disco. Everybody danced, Santa Susana with the stu- rolina, kayaking, obstacle except Javi (he was busy dents of Getafe and Mont- track, bowing, rifle shot, with his computer), and cada i Rexac, in order to do beach games, and sports. Samanta. the English week, a trip or- There were also a pool, ganized by the Bilingual ping-pong tables and tennis Later, we returned to the Project. courts, to use in our free bungalows, to open Loly's time. pension, the best bungalow The teachers were Irish, so of the camp. we always had to speak Eng- Our favourite activity was lish, because they didn't un- the tirolina (zip wire). It was We had shows every night derstand Spanish (Spanish amazing! ( concerts of Miriam - the to them sounded like pension was filled!) bla,bla,bla) At first, it was so The activity we liked the difficult, but later we could least was riding horses, it We made a lot of friends, understand all they said. was the first time that we and some students fell in did it, and some horses were love, but that’s another We went to Santa Susana crazy. story. by bus. It was quite boring because it was so far. The food was DELI- The last day, we were very CIOUS. We could repeat sad, but we hope to see them When we arrived, we met whenever we liked. again! the monitors. They were pretty kind, but we were The waiters were rather In conclusion, this trip was scared when we saw that kind, although they thought fantastic, we had fun all the they only spoke English. that we had stolen some ice- trip and we learnt a lot of What could we do? cream, and one of them English! We want to repeat We thought that we would- said: You don't respect my next year! n’t survive! Our trip to Santa Susana Raluca and Vanessa 4º ESO On this trip we learned a lot of Eng- lish. We liked the activities we did very much. I liked the monitors very very much because they taught us a lot of new things and new words in English. We rode a horse, we played baseball, football and many games and we climbed. At night, we went to the disco and we had fun. During our free time, we went to Car- refour and we bought a lot of food to eat at night. We did theater and it was very funny. Students on the beach getting ready to kayak
  3. 3. V OLUME 1, N O . 2 P ÁGINA 3 M ORE S TORIES FROM S ANTA S USANA The best activity was riding horses. The worst part was the project, it was an activity in which we did writing activities to prepare a wedding where each one had a role, that was so boring! In the evenings we rested in the bungalows with our friends. We played cards, ate candies and sweets, we talked about the day, we Students getting an English lesson in horseback riding. told jokes and drank sodas. By Silvia Patricia 4º ESO We arrived on Monday, April 19th, and we lodged in In conclusion, the trip of Santa bungalows of three to four people. In the afternoon we Susana was incredible, amazing and unforgettable! did physical activities, such as climbing. I never will forget the others stu- The other days we did a lot of funny activities as rid- dents, the monitors and in general ing horses, build a raft, kayak, tirolina, search for a the trip. treasure, archery, volleyball, I.E.S. Sierra Nevada in Calar alto By Alberto Ruiz Delgado & Olga eration of the great tele- impression and admired Toribio Rueda scope of the observatory and the act that we visited all the mechanisms. one of the best observa- Last Friday, May 14th, 1 At the end of the visit we tories on the world. Bach-A and 3 ESO-A visited the all were left with a big Astronomical Center Hispanic German (CAHA), located 2,168 meters above sea level. This observatory has 4 tele- scopes, of which, one of them the second biggest in Europe. It has a diameter of 3.5 meters. When arriving at the observa- tory they took us to a room and they taught with photographs and stow data, constellations, nebulas and galaxies taken with the four telescopes. Later, they showed us the op-
  4. 4. Organización An American Breakfast... Americans usually eat a big breakfast early in the morn- E NGLISH W ORD OF THE W EEK ing, between 7 to 9. Then around 11 or 12 Americans Blueberry eat lunch, usually when you are eating your breakfast. Below are some favorite breakfast foods for many BLUE · BER · RY - NOUN ( ARÁNDANO ) Americans. 1. a bluish berry that you can eat, a type of fruit Pancakes: First adapted by the French from China and Nepal in the 12 century I like to put blueberries on my pancakes. by Crusaders. Americans then took this recipe and used it themselves. Bears like to eat blueberries for breakfast. Eggs and Bacon: usually eaten with toast and a cup of coffee. I F YOU WANT TO SUBMIT Cereal is another big part of American ARTICLES, PICTURES, breakfast. The first modern cereal was COMPLAINTS, POEMS, invented by vegetarians in the 1860's in D R A W I N G S , O R J O KE S Michigan. After this invention it was SEND THEM TO: spread across the U.S. The first cereal trademark was created in 1877 and it was FANZINE@IESSIERRA the Quaker Oats man. NEVADA.ES