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  1. 1. The Environment Jeopardy Challenge 3rd ESOCategories
  2. 2. Energy Greenhouse Recycling Ozone Layer Miscellaneous Effect100 100 100 100 100200 200 200 200 200300 300 300 300 300400 400 400 400 400500 500 500 500 500
  3. 3. 100 points Which one of these is not a renewable energy? A.Sunlight B.Wind C.Tides D.CoalCategories
  4. 4. D: Coal!Categories
  5. 5. 200 Which of the following is NOT used to generate electricity in the UK? A. Human waste. B. Solar power. C. Hydropower. D. Perfume.Categories
  6. 6. D: Perfume!Categories
  7. 7. 300 points The burning of fossil fuels produces… ` A.Sulphur and nitrates in the atomosphere B. CO2 C.Acid rain D.All of the aboveCategories
  8. 8. D: All of the aboveCategories
  9. 9. 400 points Which action does NOT save energy in your home? A. Turning all appliances to stand-by when not in use. B. Turning off and unplugging all appliances when not in use. C. Turning off all lights when not in the room. D. Leaving lights on in only the rooms you are moving betweenCategories
  10. 10. D. Leaving lights on in only the rooms you are moving betweenCategories
  11. 11. 500 points Which sector produces the most CO2? A.Transportation B. Manufacturing and Construction C.Electricity and heat production D.ResidencesCategories
  12. 12. C: Electricity and heat productionCategories
  13. 13. 100 points What contributes to greenhouse gas pollution? A. driving cars, trains, planes, buses B. heating or cooling your house C. leaving the light or tv on when not in use D. All of the aboveCategories
  14. 14. D: All of the above!Categories
  15. 15. 200 points Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have increased the most since which event? A.Hurricane Katrina B. When the first man walked on the moon C. The Industrial Revolution D. None of the aboveCategories
  16. 16. C: The Industrial RevolutionCategories
  17. 17. 300 points How does the greenhouse effect warm global temperatures? A. It increases the amount of water in the world, causing the temperatures to increase.B. A layer of polluted gases in the atmosphere allows solar radiation to enter the earths atmosphere but prevents it from escaping, thus increasing the temperatureC. Everything in the world turns green and this causes the temperature to change D. All of the above Categories
  18. 18. B: A layer of polluted gases in the atmosphere allows solar radiation to enter the earths atmosphere but prevents it from escaping, thus increasing the temperatureCategories
  19. 19. 400 points Global emissions of carbon dioxide jumped by the largest amount on record in what year? A. 2000 B. 2005 C. 2007 D. 2010Categories
  20. 20. D: 2010Categories
  21. 21. 500 points If we replaced fossil fuel energy with renewable energy, it would reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by: A. 1200 million tons B. not much C.100 thousand tons D.900 tonsCategories
  22. 22. A: 1200 Million tonsCategories
  23. 23. 100 pointsWhat container do you put a milk box in?Categories
  24. 24. Yellow, for plastic!Categories
  25. 25. 200 points Why should we recycle? A: to save the environment B: to help stop pollution C: to keep the earth clean D: all of the aboveCategories
  26. 26. D: all of the aboveCategories
  27. 27. 300 pointsWhat are the three R’s associated with recycling?A: Reduce, Reuse, RecycleB: Recycle, Replenish, ReduceC: Reuse, Restore, RecycleD: Relaxation, Replenish, Restore Categories
  28. 28. A:Reduce, Reuse, RecycleCategories
  29. 29. 400 pointsHow long will it take fora plastic water bottle to decompose? A: 500 years B: 1000 years C: never D: all of the above depending on the type of plastic.Categories
  30. 30. D : all of the abovedepending on the type of plasticCategories
  31. 31. 500 points What is a sanitary landfill?A: a place where all trash is saved.B: a site carefully built on or below the natural groundusing specific materials, for the controlled disposal ofwaste.C: a site used to store clean water.D: a place used to store sewage waste. Categories
  32. 32. B: a site carefully built on or below thenatural ground using specific materials, for the controlled disposal of waste. Categories
  33. 33. 100 points Is the depletion of the ozone layer good for the Earth? A: No, it isn ’t B: Yes, it isC: There is no way to knowCategories
  34. 34. A: No it isn’tCategories
  35. 35. 200 pointsW h ic h o f t h e s e s e n t e n c e s a re tru e ? A: The ozone layer produces oxygen and carbon dioxide.B: The ozone layer protects the DNA of allsurface dwelling life, by absorbing Ultra-Categories
  36. 36. B: The ozone layerprotects the DNA ofall surface dwellinglife by absorbing UV- B from the sunCategories
  37. 37. 300 p o i n t sHo w d o e s t h e o z o n e l aye r p r o t e c t t h e Ear t h ?A: I t p r o t e c t s u s f r o m t h e r ad i at i o n o f t h es uns hi ne .B: Oz o n e ab s o r b s UV- B n e ar Ear t h ’ s s u r f ac eC: No n e ar e c o r r e c tD : A an d B ar e c o r r e c t Categories
  38. 38. D: A and B are correctCategories
  39. 39. 400 pointsHow far from the ground is the ozone layer? A: 40-45 kms B: 30-35 kms C: 20-25 kms D: 10-15 kmsCategories
  40. 40. B: 30-35 kmsCategories
  41. 41. 500 points Which of these gases cause the depletion of the ozone layer?A: Water Vapor, CFC’s (ChloroFluoroCarbons) and halons B: Carbon Dioxide and Bromide Oxide (Volcanos) C: Oxygen, Helium, and Hydrogen Categories D: Both A and B are correct
  42. 42. D: Both A and B are correctCategories
  43. 43. 100 pointsWhat would happen if the global average temperature rose 1 degree Celsius? A: Nothing, 1 degree isn’t muchB: The arctic circle wouldn’t have ice caps all year round, and lots of land would be flooded. C: There would be more forest fires D: It would snow during the summer Categories
  44. 44. B : t h e a r c t ic c ir c lew o u ld n ’ t h a v e ic ec a p s a ll y e a r r o u n d a n d lo t s o f la n d w o u ld b e f lo o d e d Categories
  45. 45. 200 pointsTurning the heating down 1 degree Celsius can reduce pollution by how much? A: it won’t reduce any pollution B: 150 kgs of CO2 per year C: 225 kgs of CO2 per year D: 300 kgs of CO2 per year Categories
  46. 46. D: 300 kgs of CO2 per yearCategories
  47. 47. 300 points Among many otherpollutants, how much carbondioxide is emitted from a car per year? A: 16 000 pounds B: 10 000 pounds C: 800 pounds Categories D: 400 pounds
  48. 48. A: 16 000 poundsCategories
  49. 49. 400 points W h a t w o u ld h a p p e n if t h e g lo b a l a ve ra g e te mp e ra tu re ro s e b y 3 d e g r e e s C e ls iu s ?A : T h e e n t ir e E a r t h w o u ld f lo o d e x c e p t f o r t h e m o u n t a in p e a k s B : L if e c o n d it io n s w o u ld im p r o v e b e c a u s e it w o u ld b e w a r m e r .C : S e v e r e d r o u g h t s w o u ld o c c u r , w a t e r s u p p ly w o u ld d e c r e a s e , a n d m a n y g la c ie r s w o u ld d is a p p e a r . Categories D : S e a a n im a ls w o u ld e v o lv e t o liv e o n
  50. 50. C: Severe droughts wouldoccur, water supply woulddecrease, and many glacierswould disappear. Categories
  51. 51. 500 points_____ litres of water is needed to produce1kg of beef, compared to corn which needs _____ litres 1kg A: 2000; 2000 B: 10 000; 20 000 C: 700; 350 D: 16 000; 900 Categories
  52. 52. D: 16 000; 900Categories
  53. 53. Good LuckCategories
  54. 54. x2Categories