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Fanzine 2011

  1. 1. I ES S IERRA N EVADA ’ S A NNUAL EDITION OF THE BILINGUAL SECTION T HE SNOW HILL FANZINE V OLUME 2, ISSUE 1 M AY 2011COMENIUS PROJECT? WHAT’S THAT?Students participate in a language and cultural exchange program B E SURE TO CHECK OUT ... • Comenius Project • Trips to France and Italy • Exchange Students in Fiñana • Holiday Celebrations throughout the year • Bilingual Class Up- dates • San Sebastián Cele- brationBy: Juan David Clares there are 5 different coun- ily, visit a lot of sites of the I NSIDE THIS ISSUE : tries ( Spain, Czech Repub- country and learn about its As you know, some for- lic, France, Turkey and culture and traditions.eign people visited our High C OMENIUS T URKEY 2 Finland) joined by one com-School some weeks ago. But Comenius project isn’t AND F RANCE mon language: English.That’s because our High always fun, in each meeting C OMENIUS S PAIN 3School is participating in an The name of our Comen- we have to work togetherinternational project with ius project is “Seven Won- about different topics, such asother countries. ders of Culture”, because racism. C OMENIUS S PAIN 4 CONTINUED ... we’re going to deal with 7 This project is called If you want to know more different branches of culture C OMENIUS SPAIN : 5Comenius, and the main about this project, or to see as well as 7 different topics C ABO DE G ATA ANDobjective is to promote ex- our meetings and activities, U BEIRE of human rights or Euro-changes and collaboration visit the website: pean matters. T HANKGIVING 6between countries. Fur- AND H ALLOWEENthermore, it’s a different Each country receives to learn about differ- financial support in order to M ORE H OLIDAYS 7 wonders-of-culture.html orent cultures and it helps us pay the meetings or travels’ ask the students of 1º BACH-to be good European citi- expenses. In each meeting, A. B ILINGUAL C LASS 8zens. 4 people from each delega- U PDATES tion live with a native fam- We want to share our ex-In our Comenius Project, perience with all of you!
  2. 2. P AGE 2 T HE SNOW HILL FANZINE T RIP TO TURKEY By Tamara Hernandez, Mar del the anthem of Turkey. Dur- Mar Aparicio and Silvia Patricia ing the week, we visited very Alonso interesting places like beaches, Greek theatres... The first trip we did was to Turkey. At the beginning From our point of view, everything was strange for us this experience has been very because they have different useful for the future because traditions like the religion or it helped us to be more toler- the food. We stayed there for ant. There were several dif- one week. Our families were ferences between the cultures very nice, they treated us as but actually we are very simi- their own children. lar. We made a lot of friends from different countries and The welcome day, the stu- we hope to see them dents did traditional dance again! Class in Turkey performances and they sangBy Javi Torres and Josemi Lao C OMENIUS T RIP TO F RANCE It all began on the 29th ofMarch in the French town ofSaint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu. The first day they made anopening ceremony of the 2ndmeeting. Later we visited thecity of Nantes. The next day, we visited asheltered workshop for peoplewith disabilities, in the after-noon we made a workshopabout the situation of disabledpeople in the partner countries.Another day, we made a wholeday trip to Mont Saint-Michel,its very beautiful. On the last day, we per-formed a theatre play: “A Mid-summer Night’s Dream”, byWilliam Shakespeare, which wehad been rehearsing all week.And then there was a closingceremony. We spent the week-end with families. And finally we come back to Mont Saint-MichelleSpain on Sunday. We were sadto say goodbye to our Frenchfamilies.
  3. 3. Comenius Spain : Special ReportV OLUME 2, ISSUE 1 P AGE 3D AY 1: A RRIVALBy Juan M. Cobos Later, we visited the view- point. The viewpoint in my On the first day, the 25th of opinion has good views be-April, we visited many monu- cause it’s located in a goodments in Fiñana, and we did place.the opening ceremony of the2nd meeting. Finally we met Nieves Chillón. She is a young writer In the first place, we visited from Orce. In the afternoon,the town hall and the mayor we were with ours partnersexplained the way the town and we did many activities inhall works. After that, we ours towns. In my opinion, itvisited the church of Fiñana. was a nice day because weThen, we visited the museum met all the students fromand the ancient cistern. different countries. Ancient cisternD AY 2: G RANADA The complete name of Alhambra isBy Maria José Vargas and and gardens of Alhambra. The After that, we walked "Qalat al-Hambra",Miriam Valdivia visit was very beautiful. around the wonderful gardens which means "The On Tuesday, the 26th of At first we visited the in- of the Alhambra. side of the Alhambra, the In my opinion this trip was Red Fortress".April, the class of 1º ba-chillerato A went to Granada place most preserved of the very nice because we sawwith our Comenius partners. Alhambra. many places and we could First, we visited the town, The people of the Comen- visit the best place of Gra-we walked around the Al- ius liked it there and took a nada: the Alhambra.bayzin, Paseo de los Tristes, lot of photos. meanwhile, we We came back to Fiñana atteashops and Cathedral. didnt stop chatting with our half past four. T hen, we went to the Palace Comenius partners. Saint Nicolás viewer
  4. 4. Comenius Spain : Special ReportP AGE 4 T HE SNOW HILL FANZINE Madinat Al-Zhara Palace D AY 3: C ÓRDOBA By Nino Reyes & Alberto Sierra of Spain, and a little bit of the world´s history is Wednesday morning, we had to get up very early embodied in the mosque of Cordoba and in the to be in Fiñana at 7 o´clock to take the bus to Cor- millenarian city of Medinat Al-Zahra, where it doba, the city that was once the capital of Al- was the most important city of the Iberian Penin- Andalus. sula during the 80 years that it was the capital. At eleven o´clock (more or less) we entered the At 5 o´clock, we returned to Fiñana, we were Mosque of Cordoba, or in ecclesiastical terms, the very tired, but really satisfied for all that we had Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, that was learned on the beautiful day that we had spent in originally a pagan temple. Cordoba. Later, it became a Visigoth Christian church, be- We had a nice return trip, with lots of us fore the Umayyad Moors at first converted the thinking in the next day, with the trip to Cabo building into a mosque and then built a new mosque de Gata and the beach, or in the Champion’s on the site. The history of Al- Andalus, the history match between Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona.
  5. 5. V OLUME 2, ISSUE 1 Comenius Spain : Special Report P AGE 5D AY 4: CA BO DE G ATA D AY 5: U BEIREBy Raluca Bob & Alba Oliva By Vanessa Garcia We are going to tell you about our trip. Last Friday, the 29th of April, all the students: Fin- On Thrusday, we visited the National Park nish, Spanish, French, Czechof Cabo de Gata, there was a shop, and and Turkish went to Ubeirewe bought some presents. to eat with the families and Then, we went to visit the park, and a told us something about the park. We Ubeire is a place located inate by the beach, it was very hot! the mountains and its very Furthermore, many students swam in the nice. That day was very funocean, and other students sunbathed. We because we did everything tohad fun with our partners and they enjoyed have a nice day with our part-the beach, the sun and other things in Cabo ners of Comenius Project. Finally, we went to Rodalquilar and we visitedde Gata. the botanic park and then we came back home. In our opinion, it was a We visited the Castle of the Escullos and In our opinion this trip was very interesting good way to show differentwe took a lot of pictures. and funny. traditions of Spain. Alcazaba. Fiñana.
  6. 6. P AGE 6 T HE SNOW HILL FANZINE T HANKSGIVING By Jose Manuel Bretones Martinez. potatoes and mashed potatoes with gravy, a gravy made from Thanksgiving Day is a celebra- turkey. tion in the United States and Can- ada. For dessert, they serve pump- kin and pecan pie and apple. At this event, everyone in the family come together in a house to In my school on the Thanks- eat traditional dishes such as roast giving Day, we talk about this dishes. party and its traditions. This turkey is stuffed with corn, We also did some posters bread and sage, and also carries a with colored cards with pic- blueberry sauce. tures of things more tradi- tional about Thanksgiving Day Also vegetable dishes are usually and paste on card boards and served, like green beans, sweet stick them on the wall. H ALLOWEEN By Alex Olaru 3º A The word Halloween is first used in the 16th century and Halloween is an annual holi- represents a Scottish variant day observed on October 31st. of the fuller All-Hallows- The holiday commonly in- Even ("evening"), that is, the cludes activities such as trick-or- night before All Hallows Day. treating and attending costume In the class we went to the parties. As well as carving jack- conference room and we o-lanterns, going to bonfires, played games about Hallow- apple bobbing, visiting haunted een in the computer. Later attractions, playing pranks, and we drew posters and talked telling scary stories. about Halloween. Did you know?? H ALLOWEEN T RIVIA Every Halloween 1. What is the origin of Halloween? Americans eat A. A South American holiday honoring the day of the dead. 20 million pounds B. A Chinese holiday honoring ancestors. of Candy Corn?? C. A Celtic holiday celebrating the new year. 2. How did the American tradition of trick-or-treating on Halloween begin? A. During Halloween festivities, families would go door to door to beg for food from their neighbors. B. The sound of ringing bells chases away the spirits. C. Children would go from house to house to announce the start of the festival and neighbors
  7. 7. V OLUME 2, ISSUE 1 P AGE 7C HRISTMASBy Alba García Cañabate Christmas Day is alwayscelebrated on the 25th of De-cember. At school, we made effortsto decorate the classroom andschool. Then we played volleyball,football, ping-pong andmany more games inthe yard . All the stu-dents participate in the activi-ties and the teachers gaveus candy. At the end, wewent back to our homes. 1º ESO AV ALENTINES D AY By Azahara López Pérez It is held on the 14th of At present, it takes place February. As the celebra- through the exchange of Valentines Day is a tradi- tion approaches , lovers love notes called tional celebration of Anglo- embark on the search for "valentines", with symbols Saxon countries which has the perfect gift. as the symbolic form of been implemented in other heart and Cupid. countries throughout the Another of the customs twentieth century. that take place on Valen- In our High School roses tines Day is to invite your and flowers are given as It focuses mainly on lovers, partner to a romantic din- well as stuffed animals, boyfriends or husbands and ner and champagne toast candy lollipops and love the expression of their love with champagne to an ev- poems and affection for their signifi- erlasting love. cant other.S T . P ATRICKS D AYBy Tamara ing the Irish cuisine. This includes cabbage and Irish St. Patricks Day is cele- drink, and attending pa-brated on March 17th to rades.commemorate the death ofSt. Patrick, patron saint of At our school we cele-Ireland. brated St. Patrick’s Day by doing some activities in Eng- It is a national holiday in lish, drawing a few chips,Ireland. The celebration knowing the history of thistheme is usually all that is day, and pinch hitting atgreen and the Irish usually students who were notdress in green while enjoy- wearing green. 1º ESO A
  8. 8. P AGE 8 T HE SNOW HILL FANZINE B ILINGUAL C LASSES : A N I NSIDE L OOK By Sandra Ayala At first, the Bilingual Classes weren´t comfortable for me, because I didn´t understand what Catlain said. Then I understood a lot of sentences. Nowadays I can write and understand a lot of words with her help. So, I can translate the texts although I sometimes have some mistakes. In the classroom, we learn English at the same time as we enjoy playing games and 3º ESO A drawing pictures. B ILINGUAL M ATH By Antonio Milán know. Problems and ap- Some of these forms plications (Metric only need a change in system conver- the slope but the oth- sions) ers need multiply or This point is very the result of an equa- important because you tion. need it if you travel on For example if you holidays or if you are go to the USA and working with the dif- find the temperatureB ILINGUAL S CIENCE : W ATER F ILTRATION ferent form of expres- in Fahrenheit, if you sion on a project. would like to changeBy Sebastián García cotton. Next, wash the this expression to Cel- gravel and sand and cut up You should know Materials: 1 empty bottle, the half of the bottle. To that you need to make sius you need made½ gravel bottle, ½ sand bot- a change in the expres- the equation: finish, put toilet paper ontle, toilet paper, cotton and the sand. sion of the weight,2 glasses. Second step, water and temperature, etc… to C . Process: First step, pre- ground mix in the glass. change this expressionpare the filter, in the empty Third step, we take a lit-bottle, make a hole. Then, for another that you tle water mixed in the filter,we cover the bottle with out and clean it. This is how is filter it the water.
  9. 9. S AN S EBASTIAN ’ S D AY By: Mª Jesús López Salmerón We sing a song to our This day is special to all patron saint and to San the people from Fiñana. It Antón. is celebrated on the 20th All the people from Fi- of January because it is the ñana eat and drink in this day of their patron saint. parade. In the morning every- In this party many people body from Fiñana goes to come from abroad and peo- church with their families, ple also come other and in the evening they autonomous regions of follow the parade of San Spain. Sebas and San Antón. I hope everybody who They do bonfires where reads this text come to this San Sebas go and throw fire- party so funny and interest- works when it leaves. the ing. T OP W EBSITES TO HELP YOU IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH HTTP: / / WWW. NEWSINSLOWENGLISH. COM/ HTTP: / / WWW. ISABELPEREZ. COM/ HTTP: / / WWW. SPANISHDICT. COM/ LEARN/ ? LANGUAGE= ESF ORTUNE C OOKIESBy A fortune cookie is a crispcookie usually made fromflour, sugar, vanilla, and oilwith a "fortune" wrappedinside. Fortune cookies are oftenserved as a dessert in Chineserestaurants in the UnitedStates and some other coun-tries, but are absent inChina. The exact provenance offortune cookies is unclear,though various immigrantgroups in California claim tohave popularized them in theearly 20th century, basing Fortune cookies have been summarized as being "introduced by the Japanese, popularized by the Chinese, but ultimately they are consumed by Americans. A day our Englishmanstheir recipe on a traditionalJapanese cracker. teacher brought cookies of the luck, since days before we had studied the Chinese food.