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Tunez uoc (1)


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Tunez uoc (1)

  1. 1. Open University of Catalonia Juan Antonio Mangas Forner Muriel Garreta Domingo mu-
  2. 2. Expanding the learning enviorenment combining physicality and virtuality
  3. 3. What are we doing? Enchance the learning process Increase the feeling of community
  4. 4. What means Internet of Things?
  5. 5. UCD (User-Centered Design):
  6. 6. Different ways Learning with the Internet of Things
  7. 7. Different ways Strenghtening the Community
  8. 8. Arduino Open-source electronics prototyping platform Easy-to-use hardware and software
  9. 9. Arduino Microcontroller programming language development environment
  10. 10. Expected Results Design and prototype physical products TEAM experience analyst computer scientist product designer industrial designer
  11. 11. Thanks